Tuesday, December 5, 2017

CarveDecember2017 - Day 5 Graber

I am so excited to share the stamp I carved today...I saw somewhere that someone was carving stamps of people from photographs.  Well I'm so not ready for that but I did want to give it a shot so I found a photo of my dog Graber (pronounced Grey-burr, not grabber - LOL) I liked and tried my hand at it.

This is my stamp that I made from this photo...

(He's a Jack Russell, Rat Terrier mix)

I forgot to print it out in reverse so he would be facing the right direction but it's pretty close.  As you can see he's brown with black shot through. I didn't know how to carve that into the stamp so it doesn't look exact but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.  He's at least recognizable.  


  1. That is so cool. Where did you get the rubber to carve into? Did you use regular carving tools or something special?

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  3. Nice job with your carving. I must try this out for my cat :)


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