Monday, March 14, 2016

Say Yes to the Dress!

This past weekend was a very special day for our family - Mom and I were invited to our future DIL's own version of Say Yes to the Dress. Morgan and our son Bob are getting married in early August so we're all getting very excited.  I wanted to share a bit from the day....keep in mind that all of these are "Not THE Dress".  She did say Yes to one particular dress, but I can't share that one just in case Bob happens to sneak a peek ;)  LOL!!   Don't want any bad luck.

So here goes....

Dress #1 - Loved the top!

Dress #2 - I didn't like this - part of it was pretty but it looked like there was a sheet wrapped around the bottom half?  Don't know why you'd want that look.

BUT - it did look amazing from behind!

Dress #3 - This one was one of my fav's - Love how the ruffles look like ringlets.

That ringlet thing went all the way down.

Dress #4 - Another sheet looking thing but it had a classy look to it.

Dress #5 

Dress #6 - Another Fav. of mine.

Dress #7 - Beads and Sequins all the way down - loved it.
The girl helping us let me hold it when she was hanging it back up.
That sucker was HEAVY!

Dress #8 - This was pretty too...

Dress #9 - Chevron Beaded top - pretty but not quite right.

Which is your fav?

The dress she chose is beautiful on her - It was actually the very first dress she picked out and the first she tried on.  When the gal helping us added the head piece, veil & necklace it was amazing...she looked like a fairy princess.  I teared up - she was just so pretty.   

On one hand I can't wait - I have had my dress for about 2 months now - LOL!!  I don't want to wish the summer away before it even starts but I'm ready for August to roll around.  But then I stop and think - my baby is getting married....that also brings tears to my eyes.  I'm going to be a basket case - LOL!!


  1. Oh wow what fun Roni!! Can't wait to see the dress she finally decided to choose!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day and one to treasure always Karen x

  3. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!! Just breathe and enjoy it ALL. :) Bet your dress shopping outing was a fun day and full of special memories. Of all the pretty gowns you shared, since you asked, my favorite of those is #6. Thanks for sharing the good time with us!

  4. What a wonderful event for your family and thanks for sharing all these happy pictures. Can't wait to see what she picked. I remember now bridal shopping with my DD. At least you can start scrapping this!!

  5. Oooh, love looking at wedding dresses! This makes me remember when my daughter had to choose her dress, and she was actually pretty quick about it. She ended up with two wedding dresses, the one we bought and then the one she won at a bridal fair! She changed into the simpler one for the reception but really, who needs two wedding dresses?We couldn't return the first one and they wouldn't transfer the gift certificate for the one she, two dresses. My favorite of these is #6 because it's really flattering on her and looks like a dream! Congrats to the happy couple and happy future mom in law!

  6. what a day to remember, all good wishes Roni!

  7. What a fun day, the next few months will pass quickly because there will be so many preperations going on, and if your getting weepy just thinking of it, better take a truckload of tissue to the reception for the mother - son dance :)

  8. Numbers 3 & 6 are me 3 favorites!!
    That day will be wonderful and you will remember more of that than your own wedding day! I was surprised how much easier it was when my son married. Just be proud,happy,relax and enjoy!best wishes xo

  9. take it from me-- it will be here before you know it. Love every single second of it and have a great time


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