Monday, March 28, 2016

Cabin Fever Anyone? Zen Dot Rocks to the Rescue!

What are Zen Dot Rocks???

Check it out....

These are SOOOOOOO much fun to make, once I finished the front of the rocks, 

I flipped them over and played on the back too!

I made these Dot Rocks by using various colors of IMAGINE Crafts Pico Embellishers.  They have a very fine needle nose tip applicator that allows you to make teeny tiny dots to virtually any size you want.  I worked on 2 rocks at the same time.  The Pico Embellisher medium dries very quickly so while one rock was drying I dotted up the second and kept alternating between the two...until I ran out of room.

These rocks really are very zen when you're working on them.  You just start dotting away and the time just flies.  The best part is that you don't need any special tools, just a rock, Pico Embellishers and time.  

We don't have many flat smooth rocks like this around here so Santa brought me these two from southern Indiana...Yes, I got rocks in my stocking last year for Christmas and was thrilled! Everyone else looked at me like I was crazy.  I need to find more because these are too much fun to make.  I have so many ideas but alas no more rocks.  I even tried to order some from some place out west...never did hear back from them - they probably thought I was nuts too ;)  LOL!!  Oh well, that's going to be my mission this summer...smooth flat rocks!


  1. Your not alone as a rock nut. I know of other. LOL. We all have our issues.
    But I do love these. Never heard of the product though.

  2. I had a huge collection of rocks when I was teaching earth science. When I moved, the company guys I hired to help thought I was insane to move so many pounds of rock. I'm in Maine and not too far from the ocean where there are lots of smooth flat rocks to be found. I'll see what I can find for you this spring/summer and send a flat rate box full!!! Will e-mail you in advance so you can be looking for them. May take a couple of months to find the best ones for this type of project. They look soooo cool. I've not seen these Pico Embellishers but will look for them online. Thanks for sharing this idea!!!

  3. WoWza !!! These are sooooo cool. How amazing and such gorgeous colours. :-) I have lots of rocks like this in Greece but I think it would be too expensive to send you !! :-(

    IKE xx

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  4. So beautiful! I'm sure this must be very relaxing & enjoyable at the same time. I love collecting rocks & shells for craft, but never did anything with them yet.

  5. I've never heard of the product either. So there IS a craft product I haven't tried, lol!! The rocks look interesting - I'll have to be on the lookout when I go up north this summer.

  6. Look in stream & river beds for flat or smooth rocks. Bee L.


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