Thursday, March 17, 2016

Help Friends - Wedding Invite ?'s

Hi All...hope you're having a super week so far.  Today I am asking for your opinions.  I'm making the invitations for my son & soon to be DIL's wedding.  I have the basic design down, have the supplies bought (and on it's way) but I have a couple questions for you...

Here is the basic design - ignore the color - it was just the first 12x12 piece of cardstock I grabbed.

First question - The square and white band are wrapped around the outside -
Do you think it would be tacky to have a small round bit of velcro behind the square to hold it shut?

Next ? - 
Should the band be attached to the invitation or removable?

In my example I adhered the back and right flap - that won't work - 
when it's fully opened the right flap bunches up and won't lay properly.

I think I can fix it by only attaching it on the back.

Or should it be totally removable?

The inside of the card is pretty much set - Invite on the left - pocket on the right which will hold the RSVP postcard (already addressed & stamped), info card on the reception and a card that tells where they are registered at.

I have the wording they want for the invitation - Do you think it would be cheaper to print the insides, (on all the cards) myself or do it at Office Depot?  - I'm thinkin' about 50-75 invites at the moment.

Did I forget anything?

Any other suggestions?

I appreciate your help with this -
I want them to be perfect!


  1. You've done such a pretty design with all the pockets for the info cards! I've never made a batch of invitations, so I'm not much help. I only have a suggestion about the band because that is something I've done on cards. I know exactly what you mean if you glue it all down that it will not let the invitation/card open fully. You should only glue it on the back and let the 2 portions going around to the front sides be loose. Instead of velcroe, what about a small round magnet... that way it can be totally hidden in your design. One magnet between the white and green squares (on left in your photos) and the other magnet under the white strip band on the right side.
    For printing... I don't know which is cheaper, but Office Depot would be easier. You wouldn't have to worry if your ink cartridge has enough ink or how you know home printers sometimes grab the paper a little wonky. So by the time you have a few "not perfect" ones, it may be cheaper to have them done "out".
    Good luck with it all and do share a final photo when you can!

  2. First off LOVE the design. As far as the little bit of velcro, that may add too much bulk to your invite. Why not just do a simple belly band? That would be removable and cause less bulk.
    Not sure about the printing bit, good luck! It looks like it is coming together really nicely!

  3. Looks like a wonderful way to make the card and I think Julie is right with the velcro. I made a band to and no velcro needed.

  4. I made my daughter's invites and we did something very similar. We wrapped the band around and joined it with a decorative scalloped circle. They had to slide the band off to open the invite. Worked great and no velcro.

  5. Forgot about the inside cards. I printed one and then copied them on vellum which was layered on the cards. Set up the design in Publisher so I could arrange the wording in the card size I wanted. I actually put border lines that I could use to quickly know where to cut but trimmed them off. Good luck. We did about 200 and it was quite the job but so worth it.

  6. These are gorgeous Roni. I had to make something similar once and had to use white velcro dots to keep the wallet shut, although part of that was because of lots of layers and extra parts the bride wanted. I don't really like the look of velcro though and it does add a lot of depth.
    I think the belly band being perforated or for binning as Julie has said - it's a much better look, without all that depth too.
    The printing the bride and groom wanted was done at a printer's shop and I would really recommend that because it would have taken forever and a lot of extra cartridges to do at home. It also looked a lot more professional, they used a lovely light textured paper and it was gorgeous and better than anything we could have produced.
    Also you will be bored out of your brain printing, cutting and gluing them on top of creating so many. Good luck, make sure you take plenty of breaks and do other stuff Karen x

  7. Great design Roni, but I agree with everyone about just going with a belly band and skipping the velcro. I made my daughter's Save the Date cards and invitations and it took forever. A simple design will save you tons of grief and make the process more fun. We printed the insides on vellum and there were a lot of smeared versions before I finally just took it to Staples and had it done there. Still had to cut and tie with ribbon but at least they were done. I've had similar problems with card flaps that were too bulky and wouldn't lie flat so you're not alone. Good luck!

  8. Wedding invites are my favs. I love the pockets! I print my text elements at home, but I do have a fairly decent printer to work with. I also used a thin (cheap) cardstock instead of text paper to print on. If your printer will work with it, it actually works really well!

  9. Belly band so it's removable. Office Depot if they can do the same thing you can do. Less stress and time. You can spend that time getting a mani,pedi with your daughter in law.:)

  10. I've never done anything like this Roni, but I would definitely go with a belly band and give the insides to the Printers :-) Less work and aggro for you :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Love your design idea, but I have one question. Are you able to flip the sides around? Most people read the right hand side of a card first and the invite would stand out more on that side.

  12. Oh Roni, you do have your hands full enough. Save the headache get them printed. I think the velcro is just fine to close. Don't forget those extras. You never know whom will pop up after you think your done or so you thought.

  13. I've never seen them done like that; great idea. I would attach just at the back like you have shown. Belly bands look good the first time you put them on but things get wrinkled or lost trying to re-assemble them. If you need to save money, you could use a table in Word with colorless borders, you can get lots of elements on a single sheet of card stock. And Marcos Papers has a printable vellum that is wonderful - no smearing with an inkjet printer. So you could print them yourself or have an office supply print them with less cost.
    Closure on the band - you could use a half circle cut on top and a single slot cut on the bottom to secure it. Remember those tools we got with eyelet setters that cut half circles and slots??

    Good luck with these. I made 225 and was sick of them but you will have fun with this number no matter what you do.

  14. Roni, I have never done invitations on this scale so I am so glad that you have received such wonderful feedback from individuals with firsthand experience. I guess the only portion of the conversation that I can contribute to which has already been suggested is to allow the printing to be left to the professionals. During my time as a principal, I can't begin to tell you how many times my office manage and I thought that we were: adding a personal touch, saving money, and saving time when we went to print simple invitations. In the end, we did invest way too many man hours to the project along with additional money based on trouble with the printing process. Roni, allow your creativity to be the crowning jewel to this project and leave the additional investment of your time devoted to another portion of the wedding planning or the pure enjoyment of this special moment. Much love to you and the family!


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