Thursday, March 3, 2016

Creative Medium & Gelatos Mixed Media Combo

I was messing around the other day with stencils and I stumbled upon a fun mixed media technique. See....actually I'm not very good about cleaning up my stamps or stencils unless it's something that could potentially damage my tools.  Well, I pulled out a stencil that I wanted to use on a collage and I noticed it had a bit of Gelatos medium left over from another project.  I didn't bother to clean it but left it on to see what would happen and I'm so glad I did! 

Let's play...

Since I used up the Gelatos that was left over we're going to dab a bit on to simulate "left-overs".  It doesn't have to be much, just a few dabs here and there.

Affix the stencil to a piece of white cardstock Gelatos side up.

Next, smear on the Creative Medium to fill in the stencil.  By smearing the CM around you transport the Gelato colors to the cardstock without washing them out because the CM is thicker than say a liquid glue or water.  You in turn get lovely speckles of color suspended in the CM.  

Remove the stencil and wash - but if you don't, you can easily peel if off the CM once it dries (which is what I do most of the time).

Once the CM has dried you can use this piece as a focal point, background, die-cut it, cover it with watercolor paint - which is what I did with the example at the top of the post or anything else you can think of!

This card was made from the piece from the demonstration.  The added benefit of using the Creative Medium is that you are also left with LOTS of wonderful texture and dimension.  

For this example I went one step further - after removing the stencil while the CM was still wet I sprinkled a fine clear (iridescent) glitter over the entire panel.  It doesn't show in this photo but the shine and sparkle is amazing!  The fun thing is that where there is color left from the Gelatos the glitter actually looks colored.  It's of course just reflecting the light from the color but it is a cool effect.

So there you go...a fun mixed media technique to incorporate into your design arsenal!  Hope you give it a try and let me know how you like it.


IMAGINE Crafts - Creative Medium (original), Memento Ink - Lady Bug, Grape Gelly, Palette Knife
Faber-Castell - Gelatos
Georgia Pacific - White Cardstock - Stencil, Cardstock
Altenew - Sentiment Stamps
Crafters Companion - Thank You die
My Fav. Things - Rose & Leaf Dies
Koi Watercolors
Dresden Trim


  1. PRETTY!! Love the mixed media look!

  2. Great technique, Roni and it makes awesome cards!
    Have to try the gelatos trick!

  3. I love those sorts of happy accidents! (And am similarly bad about cleaning my stamps and stencils)

  4. I've had this happen with other mediums too Roni and I have to admit it makes me very happy because I think I'm getting a freebie lol! I clean most of my stencils with baby wipes unless I've got embossing paste or something like that on them then I wash them under the tap. Same goes with my stamps and I try not to use permanent ink pads too often on my clear stamps either. I've got rubber stamps I have owned for 15+ years but have had issues with clear stamps falling too bits so I know I'm doing right with the rubber, just not sure about the clear ones longevity Karen x

  5. Bob Ross called this a happy accident. The old saying says you're making lemonade from the lemon life gave you. Either way, I love when this happens. I don't clean my stencils unless I've used stencil paste, so they're usually pretty colorful. I never know what I'm going to get! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Roni, so where is your fave source for stencils?

    1. Well, where they are on sale. Terrible to admit but I hate paying full price for things so I'm not really dedicated to one brand or style - I just keep a look out for good sales across the net.

  7. Happy accidents are wonderful.


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