Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Prima Watercolor Confections

Today I wanted to share a bit about Prima's Watercolor Confections.  I have been wanting to get these since they came out at CHA in January and was finally able to do so so I thought I'd share my initial impressions with you.

The paints come all wrapped up like individual little confection treats in this darling little pan!

So you pop 'em out and unwrap each one.  The color numbers are on each wrapper so for the most part I inserted them by number except for the Tropical set. It was no where near the order I wanted it to be in so I rearranged as desired which you can do with any of them.  The pans snap into this nifty little tray.

Note, if your pans aren't secure, remove the pan, push the little silver tab towards the center of the pan just a touch.  Insert the pan of paints and it should be a snug fit.

The paint tray fits into this wicked little box that has lots of different sized wells for mixing and blending.  LOVE this!!! 

The paint tray sits in the center of the box.

I was surprised about the size...each paint box is smaller than my phone!

Here you can see all of the colors - you can see I've already started playing by the dried paints in the palette sections.

And a few projects I made using them....  Whale painted with brush & water.  I realized after I painted the whale I used only blues from the various sets - which is why my water is so colorful - LOL!!  (Yes, I watercolor in my coloring books.  I don't mind the wrinkly pages.)

This background was painted with brush & water and a few of the tropicals.

My rainbow tree was made using colors from the various collections and a Niji waterbrush.  I used a few of the metallics on the trunk.  Really pretty effect which doesn't show up in the photo.

Aside from the adorable boxes these paints come in the paints are awesome too.  Lots of pigment and it mixes and flows nicely.  If you don't have paints and would like to try some watercolors these are a super set to try.  Wide range of colors and very nice finished look.


  1. Thanks for the review, Roni! I've got so many tubes of professional grade watercolors that I hate to buy more, but these would be so much more convenient.

  2. Roni you make me want to own these fun little water colors. Too bad I wouldn't know how to do them justice! I shall have to save up my lunch money now...


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