Saturday, January 7, 2012

ATC & Die Cut Swap - Due 2-22-12

The results of the poll shows that most people want to swap ATC's and Die-Cuts. 
I will be having a Postcard Swap later this Spring to satisfy the folks that voted for that.

You can join one or both swaps... If you are joining the Die-Cut swap you MUST tell me what die-cut you want to send.  I will be listing the die-cut with your name so we don't get dups.  So, please decide what you are going to be sending before you sign up.

Please post your e-mail addy so I can send you my mailing address.

Here goes....

DUE 2-22-12

Game Plan -
*Create up to 20* ATC's  (2.5x3.5") using any technique you would like (no more than 5 of the same design). We will be having 2 groups - General & Spring Holidays (Valentines Day, St. Pats, Spring, Easter (secular only please).

Please be sure to sign and date your ATC's and an e-mail addy is nice too :)

*NOTE: You don't have to make 20, you can make 1, 3, 10, or any number that inspires you. Also, you can create up to 20 for EACH group if you so desire. I do ask that you make no more than 5 of a single design. It makes it very difficult to swap out if I have too many of one design to swap.

*Send them to me by the due date and I'll swap them out and you'll get back 20 different ATC's.
NOTE: Be sure and make/keep an extra of your ATC's for yourself if you want won't be getting your own back.

*Mailing - Send a self addressed envelope + $5.00 shipping (US) or 6.00 (International).  You can send cash or Pay Pal me the money if it is more convenient.  I will send your swap back to you as cheap as possible.  The postage rates are going up on Jan 22 so I'm not sure how much everything will cost at that time.  If your return items weigh quite a bit I will send it flat rate Priority mail which here in the states is going up to $5.15.  I will cover the additional cost and secure the mailing envie. 
Any unused postage will be returned.

The swap is due in my hands 2-22-12.  Please plan and mail accordingly.


  1. Roni
  2. Mom (Dixie)
  3. Claudine
  4. Jodi
  5. Donna E.
  6. Hollie
  7. Kee
  8. Paula
  9. TXMess
  10. Pam J
  11. Patsy B
  12. Theresa
  13. Jean
  14. Connie
  15. KellyMD
  16. Pam E.
  17. Kay 
Spring Holidays
(Valentines, St. Pats, Spring, Secular Easter)

  1. Roni
  2. Mom
  3. Claudine
  4. Jodi
  5. Donna E
  6. Hollie
  7. Kee
  8. Paula
  9. TXMess
  10. Pam J
  11. Pasty B.
  12. Theresa
  13. Kathleen
  14. KellyMD
  15. Pam E.
Due 2-22-12

Several people showed interest in swapping die-cuts which is super cause we all know how expensive they are.  It's a great way to get some neat die cuts we might not already own. 

***Please keep in mind that you may get die-cuts back that you already own.  Short of having some sort of graph showing what you already own it's going to be impossible for me to know what you have and what you don't. *** 

If you are looking for something specific you can send one or two requests and I will try to accommodate you if possible otherwise it's going to be luck of the draw.

When you sign up, please tell me what die-cut you plan on sending.  I am going to be listing this with your name so we don't get dups.


**All die-cuts should be cut from white cardstock.

**You can send up to 5 sets of the same die-cut following the chart below. (you can send less if you'd like) You can send up to 4 different die-cuts (4 groups of 5 sets each) but please be sure to tell me which dies you will be sending.
1-2"    =      10 per set
2.25" - 4.75"     =     5 per set
5" +     =     3 per set
Large Shape Sets     =     2 per set
(4+ die-cuts in the set)

Small Shape Sets    =     4 per set
(1-3 die-cuts in the set)
If you have questions about how many to send please ask.
**Mailing - If you are in the ATC swap you can send both swaps together.  Otherwise, please send $5.00 (US) or $6.00 (International) plus a self addressed envie. 
All die-cuts must be rec'd by 2-22-12 just like the ATC swap.
Die-Cut Swap
(please provide name, e-mail and die-cut you will be sending)
  1. Roni - Spellbinder Gear Set
  2. Roni - Shamrock (3 leaf)
  3. Roni - Sizzix Angel Wings
  4. Mom - Puzzle
  5. Lori - Birdcage
  6. Lori - Gear/Cog
  7. Lori - Dressform/Spool
  8. Shelly - Tattered Flowers
  9. Shelly - Jalopy/Arrow Mini's
  10. Ginny - Large Lace Border (Heartfelt Creations)
  11. Ginny - Cheery Lynn Butterfly
  12. Pam J - Assorted Keys
  13. Suzanne - Heartfelt Creations Falling Leaves
  14. Sandy - Tim Holtz Clock
  15. Scrapin Kat - Mini Heart, Butterfly, Key & Lock
  16. Debbie - Spellbinders Butterfly
  17. Theresa - Nesting Eyelet Circles
  18. Jean - Assorted Flourishm, Border, Frame, Flower, Tree
  19. Caroline D - Memory Box Winterland Tree
  20. Caroline D - TH Sizzix Hanging Sign
  21. Caroline D - SB Snowflake Wonder Set
  22. Caroline D - Cheery Lynn Spider Web
  23. Majella - Butterflies
  24. Lori - TH Heart Wings
  25. Lori - Winter Wonder
  26. Katy - Cuttlebug Heart
Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me!


  1. I have never participated in any kind of swap before -- but am thinking about this. I'll let you know soon!!!


  2. I'm in for the ATC swaps. I'm excited, this will be my first swaps with Ink Stains. :)

  3. I can do Tim Holtz birdcage and bird, gears and cogs, and the dressform, spool die. Not sure if these are considrered sets or not.

    moosekrazy at yahoo dot com

  4. I have the tattered flowers and I have the Movers and Shapers die- which is the small Jalopy and an arrow- I would loved to join in with either or both!

  5. Oooh, I would very much like to sign up for the ATC! That was fun last time, count me in! I would like to do both swaps, Holidays and General.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Very exciting! What a great way to start the year! :-) Count me in for both the general swap and the spring ATC's

    Happy creating!
    smoctb @ aol . com

  8. I will sign up for both ATC swaps. Your last swap rocked!!

    Thanks, Pula

  9. Please sign me up for the ATC Swap (general and spring holidays). The last ATC swap was so much fun! I loved receiving all of the wonderful artwork from the other participants. Thanks for doing this again, Roni!

  10. I would like to sign up for both the ATC swap (general & spring holiday) and since die cutting is an obsession of mine if you accept the newer Memory Box die shapes as well as Spellbinders include me in that too. I will email you tomorrow letting you know which shapes I can send.

  11. I would love to join in on the Die Cut Swap, I would like to use my Heartfelt creations/spellbinders Large lace border! Thanks Ginny
    p.s. I can't seen to locate your email for me to send my information too! I am at

  12. Please sign me up for the ATC Swap (general and spring holidays). I enjoyed the last ATC swap very much

    I would also like to join the diecut swap - I will send a variety of keys dies

  13. I'm in for the die cut swap. :-)
    I'll be sending in Tim Holtz's weathered clock.

  14. Sign me up I will do the mini Hearts, Butterfly, lock and key.

  15. Sign me up for the ATC Swap - General and Spring Holidays! I loved doing the last one (my first ATC cards ever:) and look forward to participating again!
    Roni - you rock!!!

  16. Sign me up for the die swap, I will be sending the Spellbinders butterflies. There are like 5 sizes.

  17. New to this site but would love to sign up for the ATC swap Holidays Please advise what I should do next to be officially signed up


  18. I'd love to join the ATC Swap - General Theme.

  19. Sounds like FUN!! Please sign me up for the ATC Swap - General and Spring Holidays!

  20. Please add me to the signup. I will participate in the ATC General and Spring Holidays swaps. Thx!

    Pam E.

  21. Sign me up for the Die Cut Swap. I will do Tim Holtz Heart Wings and Winter Wonder. Thanks! Lori G.

  22. Thanks for organizing this. I'm giddy with excitement (and a little anxious too). I sent you an email but returned to this post and see the answers here. Should have looked here to begin with.


  23. Oh Boy I am so excited! ;-) Something to do besides chemistry, molecular biology and anatomy!

    I got my TH Regal Crest, TH Ornamental, On the Edge Steampunk gears and sizzix flower layers 7 all packed and ready to roll....FINALLY!

    Can't wait! ;-)

  24. Sent my TH Weather Clock die cuts today!

  25. Winter Wonder & Heart Wings are in the mail - today!

  26. Got an awesome package of diecuts in the mail! And yes I was one of the confused ones! LOL!!!! Thanks for doing this swap Roni!

  27. I got my awesome package of diecuts in the mail this past Tuesday when we got back from vacation!! I love everything I received!! Seems like I got more than I sent... so I must have been confused on how many to send that I cut! Thank you Roni for all the extras you sent!! :o) What's the next swap....?? charms!!??


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!