Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar - Janurary - Blackened Pearl Tin

It's so good to be back on a regular schedule again...well almost regular.... We've had so much snow ds had a 2 hour delay this a.m.  With the regular schedule comes daily crafting!  I'm tellin' you ~ I about go crazy when I don't get a bit of alone time in my craft room.

2012 Technique Calendar
Blackened Pearl Tin

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 001


Tin Foil (or Adhesive backed Foil)
Black Gesso or Acrylic Paint
Perfect Pearl Mist, Glimmer Mist or similar
Sand Paper
Heat Tool (optional)
Embossing Folder or Dry Emboss Tools


1. Cut off a piece of tin foil large enough for your house.  Slightly rumple the foil...  you want a bit of texture but not too much.

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 002

2. Paint the entire piece of foil with black gesso or acrylic paint.  Let it dry completely ~ you can speed drying with your heat tool.

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 003

3. Place the foil in the embossing folder so the painted side is facing up.  You want the positive (raised areas) to be on the black side.  Run it through your machine as you normally would.

NOTE: If you don't have a die-cut machine you can dry emboss your foil using brass templates and embossing tool or just free hand it using a variety of tools such as a pen with the cap on, the end of a paint brush handle, etc.

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 004

4. Lightly sand the foil after it has been embossed. You are just looking to expose small areas to highlight the design.

NOTE:  You'll need to be careful because all foil is not made the same.  If you have a thinner variety it may tear easily after it has been embossed. 

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 005

5. Mist the embossed tin with the PP/Glimmer Mist or equivalent. 

If you are using more than one color of spray be sure to dry each layer so the colors don't become a muddled mess.

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 006

 I like to use my heat tool to speed up the drying process between colors.... 

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 007

and here is what mine looks like....  

Photos just do not do justice to this blackened tin... 
the shimmer and shine is simply amazing!

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 008

6. Now it's time to assemble your calendar page...  I'm not worrying about the tips of my roof, I've got a plan for that lager.

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 009

7. I used some of the un-blackened foil which I adhered to a piece of scrap cardstock, punched it with my "slime" border punch to make icicles!  This plus a few strips were glued to the edges, roof and chimney.

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 010

8. I  added one of my favorite embellishments to the icicles - Mica Flakes!  Mmmmmm gotta love the shimmer of that mica!
2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 011

And here is how my Blackened Pearl Tin page turned out....
This angle helps bring out the shimmer of the Perfect Pearls....

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 012

And this angle shows the embossing....

2012 Tech Calendar - Jan 014

Now you could change this up a bit and paint your foil white or any other color for that matter but the pigment powder/mist just won't shimmer like it does on the black field.


  1. Happy New Year Roni! I love your calendar page. It is just so charming and sweet. And I love how the tin turned out. Gotta love that mica sparkle too!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Such a cool, cool... I mean so cool that it's icy... project Roni! Great start for the new year!

  3. Wow! That's incredible!! Love the tin look!

  4. Wow Roni this is wonderful. I have the templates printed off and the calendars, now to get messy.
    Thanks so much. As I do each one I will link back to your blog so others can follow as well.
    Thanks so much for all you share and do.

  5. Fabulous- I love the great technique- gotta go try this. I love the house you creates- fabulous!

  6. Happy New Year, the calendar page is just stunning, I am in love with your blog!!

  7. Love this!! The black is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. this is really nice, especially with the mica "sparkling"!

  9. Wow Roni I just scrolled through your post and magic happened! Your January calendar page is stunning!!! Blissful and Creative 2012 Dear...

  10. omg! i love this!! thanks for showing how to do this!!

  11. Happy New Year Roni!
    I love this little house! What a fabulous new technique for us to try.Now I really wish I had bought that SLIME punch when I saw it reduced!

  12. This is just fabulous! Thank you, Roni.

  13. love it, I don't have the edge die but I'll use sticklers so I think that will be ok. I'm using a shape of my house.

  14. Fabulous idea :)
    Happy new year to you :)
    Von xxx

  15. Just gorgeous!! Cool technique to know for kitchen foil. :o))

  16. Wonderful start for the New Year calendar!!! Love it!

  17. Now that is really cute!


  18. You are so creative and cute as pie!!! Thank you so very much for all you share---have a super blessed New Year!! Beyond Measure

  19. I really like what you are doing!


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