Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar - July - Bubble Wrap Embossing Resist

This technique is a combo of 2 really fun techniques - bubble wrap stamping and resist stamping.  Since this is for the July calendar I'm working with Red/White/Blue combo but of course you can use any color combo you'd like.

2012 Technique Calendar
Bubble Wrap Embossing Resist



Bubble Wrap
White Cardstock
Pigment & Embossing Ink
Clear Embossing Powder
Dye Spray (Perfect Pearls Mist, Glimmer Mist, Self Mixed, etc)
Heat Tool


1. Dab clear embossing ink over the sheet of bubble wrap.  This will give you some clear/white dots.


2. Next, dab on your first colored ink here and there as you please.


3. If you are using more than one color of ink dab it on now.


4. After you have your ink applied where desired, flip the bubble wrap over and press it into the cardstock.  This will transfer the pigment/embossing inks onto the cardstock.

5. Remove the bubble wrap and immediately sprinkle with clear embossing powder.  Shake off excess and heat to melt the powders.

6. After you have embossed your dots it's time for a bit more color.  Mist your favorite brand of dye ink on the embossed cardstock.  You will instantly notice the bubble wrap pattern "pop" right off the page! (tee hee hee...I know really bad but I couldn't "resist" - LOL!!)

7. After you have let the dye soak in for a few seconds dab the excess ink off of the embossed areas.

And here is what the bubble wrap embossing resist paper looks like....

And here is my finished calendar page for July...

Now it's your turn!
Remember, you don't have to go patriotic, you could mix and match colors for any theme you have in mind.  It's a quick and easy technique that yields amazing results each time and the best part is you get to play with the bubble wrap - LOL!!
Have fun everyone!!! 


  1. Oh Roni, how fun! I'm going to try this:)

  2. Oh my goodness! I love bubble wrap! The hardest thing is to resist popping it all before I get to use it to stamp I also love to use paint on it to 'stamp' with. Bubble wrap is amazing!

  3. What a fun technique! Can't wait to give it a try!

  4. That's brilliant. I have to go get the bubble wrap out of the bin now! Lmao :)

  5. Love this effect!!! I even have the bubble wrap so what am I waiting for?

  6. you gotts love bubble wrap :)
    Von x♥x

  7. What a very cool way to create artworks made from bubble wrap. These bubble wrap really have many uses. I think there are other potential roles for this item sooner or later.

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