Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar - May - Colorized Bleach Stamping

Today's technique kicks one of my favorite "experimentation" type techniques up a few notches...  It's bleach stamping but we're going to color it to add a little different look.

When you give today's technique a try you'll want to make sure you take the proper precautions...good ventaliation, protect your clothing and your hands if you have sensative skin.  Bleach is very caustic and will burn you both inside and out if you're careless.

Now I mentioned that this is an experimentation type technique.  What I mean is you're going to have to experiment a bit with your cardstock.  Every paper manufacture has their own process for making paper - the pulp, colorants, and finishing process are all effected differently when the bleach is applied.  It's fun to just sit and dab the bleach onto a variety of papers to see how it reacts.  Some papers instantly turn white, while others don't react at all.  You'll be surprised at the rainbow of colors you get from different paper.  When you find one you like the looks of it's time to begin.

2012 Technique Calendar
Colorized Bleach Stamping


Black or dark colored cardstock
Paint Brush
White Gel Pen
Your favorite medium to color with  - Distress Stain, Watercolor Pencils, Markers, Pastels, etc.
Embellishments to finish off your calendar


1. After you have chosen your cardstock it's time to apply the bleach.  I like to use two differnt styles for applying the bleach to my paper....  Painting and stamping.  It's totally up to you which you decide to use.

Option #1 - Painting

I just pour a tiny bit of bleach into a plastic cup and paint the bleach directly onto my paper...


You can see what it looks like as it begins to dry...


Option #2 - Stamping

Fold a napkin and place it in a pie pan, plate, lid, etc.  Pour enough bleach over the napkin to wet it entirely.


Press your rubber stamp into the moist napkin...


And press the wet stamp onto the paper.


Doesn't look like much now but as it dries....


The image magically appears!


2. After you have stamped your images and they have dried completely it's time to color.  I used markers for this example.


3.  To add a bit more contrast I like to highlight parts of my image with a white gel pen.

Now when working with my calendar page I like to trace the outline so I know where to stamp...


Then I go to it...stamp, color and highlight!


Here's a peek at my page before I trim it...


And here is May's finished page!

I love this technique because you're never quite sure how the bleach is going to react. 
The color and highlights just add that extra zing.

I hope you all are having fun so far!
5 months down, 7 more to go


  1. That is so neat Roni! I have seen bleach on dark paper before, using a bleach pen, but I haven't seen it used with stamps and colored before. That creates lots of possibilities!

  2. This is awesome! Love the look and your calendar looks great!

  3. This is stunning Roni! The colors really pop on the page after you do the bleach technique. Awesome!

    Elaine Allen

  4. Your May calendar is so pretty! This technique is fun... I've stamped with bleach on colored cs before and used chalks to tint so this coloring will be nice. I have finished January and February and have them up on my blog. They were great to make! thanks for sharing your calendar with us.

  5. What an amazing look. I love how you outlined everything in white. It really makes it pop.

  6. I've created my covers and the first 4 months...this is such fun! The cover is on my blog but haven't posted the pages yet. Now to get cracking on May. Thank you!

  7. I've seen this technique before..probably here!! Does the bleach do any damage to the stamps? In that same it better to use clear stamps or rubber stamps? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. Fabulous technique!! THank so very much for allowing me to glean from you:) be blessed Beyond Measure

  9. This is great! I got out my bleach pen just the other day but did not have much luck~perhaps now I will.


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