Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar - December - Sparklie Mosaic Stamping

To finish off this years calendar I thought it would be fun to do some mosaic stamping with a sparklie twist....

2012 Technique Calendar
Sparklie Mosaic Stamping


Rubber Die Scraps
Glitter Glue


1. First you're going to need to cut up your rubber scraps to make mosaic stamps.  I like to make a variety of shapes in all different sizes so I have lots to choose from.  When I make my mosaic stamps I usually go with wavy, uneven edges - they are easier to cut ;)  Of course you can make your mosaic stamps any shape you like.

mosaic stamping 007

2. Now it's time to start stamping.  I usually work with 3-4 complimentary colors for my theme and just start stamping.  I try to vary the shapes and colors - over lapping some and not others.  It's all up to you.  If you like more structure you can work in a defined pattern or you can go totally random. 

Note:  You will want to keep a cloth on hand to wipe off any excess ink from your stamps since you'll be using them over and over with different colors.

mosaic stamping 008

And here is what my mosaic looks like after stamping....

mosaic stamping 011

3. Now it's time for the sparkle!  I am using Stickles Glitter Glue that matches the colors of ink I used.  You could go with a clear glitter glue that would highlight the color and just add sparkle or go with the colors like I did here.    If you don't have any Stickles you can always go with glue and glitter.  Remember, use what you have!
mosaic stamping 012

And now mine is drying....
mosaic stamping 014

I'll be back tomorrow with the finished calendar page for December.
I will also share all 12 of the calendar pages in one post.

Have a wonderful day friends!!


  1. Love how this turned out Roni. Really love how it sparkles!

    Elaine Allen

  2. wow that is so pretty. Possibility over drive!

  3. Pretty pretty!!! This would make an awesome base for so many projects!

  4. Oh Roni, I couldn't wait for the final project.
    I will be posting the rest of my calendar pages over the weekend after I get December done. This has been so much fun. Thank you Thank you.....
    PS I forgot to say...I really like this technique.

  5. It's been such fun following along. Here's my blog post showing my version. Thank you for the inspiration!

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