Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar - October - Distressed Glue Technique

For October I thought it would be fun to pull out the glue and ink and get messy!!

2012 Technique Calendar
Distress Glue Technique


Thick Glue
Ink Blending Tool & Foam
Embellishments to finish your calendar page


1. Dot your cardstock with small globs of glue.  I like to use Aleene's Thick Tacky Glue because it doesn't spread as much as the thinner type glues.  If you are using a thin white glue like Elmers then use really small dots here and there.

Oct - Dist Glue 002

2. Spread the dots of glue around the page using your finger or if you don't want to get messy you could use a scraper, gift card, etc.   You need to let the glue dry completely.

Oct - Dist Glue 003

3. Once the glue has dried it's time to apply your ink.  I prefer using the Ink Blending Tool & Foam but you could use what you have or like to work with.  Since it's for October's page I am using a variety of Distress Ink in orange shades.

You will immediately notice how the inks highlight the areas of dried glue.  I love how you never get the same look twice.  It's always unique and very eye catching.
Oct - Dist Glue 005

and here is how my paper turned out....

Oct - Dist Glue 006

 I used several Third Coast Rubber Stamps to help finish off my calendar page! 
I just LOVE that saying!!

Oct - Dist Glue 008

Now it's your turn to get messy!
I hope you have fun with this technique.


  1. Hi Roni...been loving your calendar pages..just so busy here...and ill family..so always in a hurry to peek at your blog...Happy New year!

  2. I love this great technique- and your page is wonderful!!!

  3. Hi Roni -

    I love the texture you get with this technique. And your page turned out awesome, just perfect for October.

    Elaine Allen

  4. Soooo cool! I can't wait to try it! Love the color for October too!

  5. oh, I love how this turned out! Going to do some journal page backgrounds with this when I get off here!

  6. I love new uses for PVA glue. Thank you for the tutorial.

  7. What a great idea. I see plenty of uses here! x Julie

  8. Very cool, I like getting messy Roni.
    I love the almost spooky smokey look of the ink.
    Off to play.

  9. Your calendar pages are fantastic!! I'm still planning to do them all... just not enough time yet! lol

  10. Love your background - I'm thinking some Chipped Sapphire in there would make it very spooky!! Enjoying all your calendar techniques - thanks for sharing!!

  11. I have to have some thick glue somewhere. Just have to find it. I have a eyes stamp but not mean looking. hmmmmmmmmmmm will have to put my thinking cap on.


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