Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Easy Layered Color Distress Ink Background

Easy Layered Color Distress Ink Background Technique

I used this very simple technique to create the stamped background paper located at the top of this card.  This technique really adds such depth and faux texture ~ it really makes your stamped images pop.

QKD 11-2-10 005

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 001


Distress Inks (several colors or shades)
Ink Blending Tool
Heat Gun (optional)
Stamps (I am using 11-10 Get Inked Stamps)


1. Rub 3-4 different colors of Distress Ink on your cardstock.  This isn't anything that is precise...just here and there, up and down, etc.

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 002

This is just an idea of what you will end up at the end of step 1... Don't worry if it's a bit intense...there is a step later on that will tame those color beasts!

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 003

2. Use the Ink Blending Tool and apply another lighter color to fill in all of the white areas on the cardstock that you didn't cover in step one.  You'll notice that it's already not as loud ;)

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 004

At this point your cardstock will look like this...

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 005

3. Place the inked cardstock on your non-stick craft mat and squirt it with lots of water....  Not just a few spritzes like in the "Spritz & Flick" Technique but lots...  I usually use my bit squirt bottle and give it 3-4 pumps.  Let this water sit at least 10-30 seconds.  Dab and remove any excess water that hasn't been absorbed.  You can let it dry naturally or use your heat gun to speed up dry time.

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 006

As the paper/inks dry you will notice the colors become much lighter.  This is also when the depth and faux texture will show up because the inks have migrated and combined.

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 008

5. Your background is ready for stamping!

Easy Layered Inks Bkg. 011

So there you go...
another quick and easy background technique that yields amazing results!

Give it a try and see how you like it!


  1. Beauty!!!! Love this technique and the finished card is fab.

  2. What a differience the stamping on top makes. It's wonderful.

  3. LOVE THIS Roni!!! Such a simple technique but it's a super background for stamping!!

  4. Wow, that's amazing. Might have to give this a crack. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wowza, gorgeous! What a fabulous and easy-to-follow technique - I will definitely be doing this one!

  6. Love it!! Thanks for sharing another great technique!

  7. This is so cool! Love the easy technique and will be fun to vary the colors! Thanks again Roni!!!

  8. this is done on glossy cardstock, correct?? it's a beautiful background!

  9. How cool! Love those distress inks! and you rock them!


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