Thursday, November 11, 2010


After I posted the Bonus Button Card this a.m. Elaine posted this comment about buttons... 

Elaine A said...

Morning Roni -

I have to tell you I really love the look of this card. Simple, but so very effective. What is it about buttons that fascinates us? My grandmother was a seamstress and she was obsessed with buttons. She was always bringing home some really beautiful ones. She had tiny mother of pearl buttons for use on infant and doll clothes, glass buttons, buttons with rhinestones, fabric covered. You name it, she had it. When she moved in with my Mom, she divided them up between my sisters and I. I've incorporated some of them into art pieces that I have given to my brothers. The remainder are in a small jar in my studio for me to take out and look at.

So you see, your card brings back wonderful memories for me. Thank you!

Elaine Allen

And Kristy added....

November 11, 2010 8:21 AM

Kristy Tyra said...

I love the memory that Elaine A shared. My grandmother also loved buttons. She passed on that trait to my mother and now to me. Thanks for sharing another project that indulges our love of buttons!

November 11, 2010 9:19 AM
You know I think many of us crafters have a love of buttons.  It seems like no matter what specific area we like to focus on be it stamping, scrapbooks, collage, etc. we all love buttons.  I have to admit I have a HUGE collection of buttons that like Elaine and Kristy was started by older generations. 
Quite some time ago my grandma gave me two of the large round tins FULL of all sorts of buttons.  I am told that in the early 10's - 20's I had a couple of Aunts (not sure how many Greats they were) that were in home seamstresses who worked for local folks as well as a department store or men's store in Fort Wayne.   This is where many of those buttons come from.  I used to love to just sit and sift through them.  As in Elaine's collection there are glass buttons, buttons with rhinestones, large buttons, small buttons buttons made from shell, celluloid buttons, metal, leather and wood buttons. 
I have since added to that collection picking up jars, tins and baggies of buttons as I have found them through the years.  As a matter of fact my Mom just gave me another round tin full of buttons for my birthday.  It never fails to amaze me that no matter how many containers of buttons I get there are always so many new and different designs I've never seen!    My collection has grown to fill a huge bread box (not including the new tin full from mom)....and I'm sure it won't stop there.
#8 - Button Ornament 001
I guess this post really doesn't have any profound message or meaning...It's just so much fun to be able to share the love of buttons and the stories behind them with others who can really appreciate them.  Buttons are a lot like crafty friends...we're all different in so many ways but share so much in common as well!  
I'm so glad for all my inky friends!!! 


  1. And we are very glad to have you Roni! You are such a sweet person, very giving and a natural teacher.

    Elaine Allen

  2. I too have many happy memories of my mom's button tin. When she had and stroke and we had to close her home I (as the only daughter) claimed her botton tin. now I get the pleasure of adding to it for my daughter or granddaughter. Thanks for the memory Roni.

  3. such a nice post! I have been on a hunt for vintage buttons for a crazy quilt I am making...if you ever put some in your etsy shop email me girl! xo cher

  4. I have many sets of buttons that tell a story. The stories came from my Gramma to Mom to me. I have some of buttons that came from Holland, which is where my Grandparents are both from. Those will never get used on card. Those I still "play" with! That's what I tell my DH I'm doing anyway when I'm holding them or laying them out! Just like I did when I was a child (some 55+ years ago). When my day comes, my DD will the proud owner of said button collection!

    Thanks Roni for bringing our memories to the forefont again!!

  5. Small world...I had that same bread box since the 80's, when it outlived it's bread appeal I stored mementos in it, and recently gave it to my daughter, for bread, lol. I am a sister of the Button too, inherited from my mom as well, and her mom before her. My latest find was on eBay, 72 black buttons from ages ago, including one complete card of JET buttons marked 'Made in Germany -US Zone"...$5 got them all to my house-which NEVER happens-there's always someone with a bit more cash than I can afford!!
    I can't bear to use some of them, they're so dear, I just like to look through them and hear the click as they mingle together in my hand. ;O)

    OH, I came to say THANK YOU!!! for the gorgeous Gilding flakes!! I love the Autumny colors and will show you what I use them on as soon as I know myself, hehe!


  6. I too am in love with buttons. Even as a young adult I would sit and admire my Grandmothers buttons she kept in a small wooden cart her son made for her. I had hoped to one day acquire them however not to be as they are missing. Buttons are just intriguing. Thank you Roni for your great ideas. Happy creating...

  7. This brings back fond memories of my mothers button tin. I don't know what happened to it but I remember how I loved to look through all the different buttons.
    I have my own button tin now.

  8. My mom used to have this old tin of buttons. I used to LOVE to go through that tin... it was really old and green and had tons of buttons on it. It is one of my earliest memories of loving things old and rusty and aged... I think that is where it started... well that and my dad would have loved the show "Pickers"

  9. Great collection and love the tin too!
    Buttons are not to be DH has a profound phobia regarding them..likens them to bugs or some creepy, crawly

  10. What lovely stories about buttons. I've been using alot of buttons lately and even though I have a box close to the size of yours, I worry that I'll run out. Crazy, I know.
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my trees.

  11. How cool to end up on this posting. Don't you wish that some of these buttons could tell us the story behind them?

  12. wow, you sure have tons of buttons!


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