Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Queen Kat Designs Royal Blog Hop Tuesday - Autumn Inspiration

Happy Tuesday!

Today is Queen Kat's Royal Blog Hop Tuesday :)

Today's inspiration comes from this beautiful Better Homes & Garden's Autumn Frame....

QKD - 11-23

The biggest thing I got from this photo is all of the different shades of yellow...the yellow walls, the yellow in the frame, the pear and vase...  Soooo I decided to use yellow in my card paired with the November Get Inked Kit stamps.

QKD - 11-23-10

If you'd like these or any of the stamps offered at Queen Kat Designs be sure to check em out now to take advantage of the "Black Friday" sale which is going on now....35% off all QKD stamps and stamp bundles now through 11-28!!

I'll be back later this afternoon with a gift idea that has been requested by many people...
can you guess what it is?!?!

Here's a little hint...

This material is often kept for luck....

Any guesses now?!?!


  1. This is a fabulously simple and elegant card Roni - I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing :O)

  2. Wonderful card Roni! As to what your mysterious element is all I can think of is four leaf clovers, rabbit's foot (poor bunny), and coins.

    Elaine Allen

  3. nice color and design of the color.

    Hmm... let me make a guess, will u be using the 4 clover leaves to make a gift?

  4. Gorgeous card, Roni! And loving the fab stamps on there! =)


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