Thursday, November 11, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments *Bonus* Button Christmas Tree Card

I wanted to share a quickie Bonus card with you...

I had some extra buttons laying around that were left-over from the Button Wreath I shared earlier this week so I figured I'd use them for something and here's what I came up with...

**Edited to add:  I used Alene's Super Thick Tacky Glue.  It's a very thick glue that holds quickly and dries relatively fast and clear.  It's one of my favorite adhesives.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Bonus Button Tree Card 003

Quick, easy and it looks so cool when it's done!

Now if you don't have enough buttons the right color you can always take clear or white buttons and dye them with Alcohol Inks!!


  1. Morning Roni -

    I have to tell you I really love the look of this card. Simple, but so very effective. What is it about buttons that fascinates us? My grandmother was a seamstress and she was obsessed with buttons. She was always bringing home some really beautiful ones. She had tiny mother of pearl buttons for use on infant and doll clothes, glass buttons, buttons with rhinestones, fabric covered. You name it, she had it. When she moved in with my Mom, she divided them up between my sisters and I. I've incorporated some of them into art pieces that I have given to my brothers. The remainder are in a small jar in my studio for me to take out and look at.
    So you see, your card brings back wonderful memories for me. Thank you!

    Elaine Allen

  2. I love the memory that Elaine A shared. My grandmother also loved buttons. She passed on that trait to my mother and now to me. Thanks for sharing another project that indulges our love of buttons!

  3. Really cute card! I imagine it is heavy. lol

  4. I love buttons. I love to buy the bags of different buttons. They are so versatile!! My mom collected buttons when I was younger and I love going through her collection too. I love the card you have created! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  5. Can you please tell me how you attach the buttons?

  6. Well, it looks like you've made a hit here with your use of buttons!! Like many of the others here, I have a container full of buttons that were saved by my DM and GM. Buttons do bring back memories, that's for sure!!!

    I love the look of this card!! Thanks for another inspiring idea!

  7. this is such a great use of the buttons!


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