Friday, November 19, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments - Vintage Game Box Clock

Today I've got such a fun gift idea for you...especially for those game lovers in your life.

We're going to start off with a vintage game box that you can pick up virtually anywhere...garage sales, flea markets, second hand shops, on-line auctions, etc.  Normally you can find them for a little bit of nothing.  I'm going to use a Bingo game that I picked up at a garage sale for $.50!

Vintage Game Clock 001


Vintage Game Box
Mini Clock Kit (around $5.00)
Bingo Chips (numbers - 3, 6, 9, 12)
Exacto Knife or Utility Knife
Styrofoam Sheet (optional)
Chipboard (optional)


1. (optional) The first thing I like to do is to re-enforce the box lid and backing because sometimes the cardboard in the boxes is brittle.  To help fix this I glue in a layer or two of cardboard to the top lid of the box.  I also glue a piece of sheet styrofoam to the box bottom.  This will add quite a bit of stability to your clock and really make it very sturdy once you're finished.

Vintage Game Clock 007

2. After the glue has dried you're ready to get started on assembling the clock.  Determine where you would like the clock to be on your lid.  There is a nice blue dot on my box that will be perfect for the clock since it doesn't cover any of the vintage graphics.  Poke a hole through the cardboard and enlarge it with an Exacto or Utility knife.

Vintage Game Clock 003

3. Temporarily place the clock works into the hole.  Place the lid over the box bottom and press the clock works into the foam just hard enough to make an impression.  Remove the lid and set it aside.

4. Carve out a niche in the styrofoam where your clock works will be housed when the box is reassembled.

Vintage Game Clock 005

Test fit your clock works to make sure it fits before you move on....

Vintage Game Clock 006

5. Assemble the clock in the lid...with most clock kits you remove a nut, metal washer and rubber gasket.  Slide the clock stem through the hole that you previously made in the lid.  Replace the rubber gasket, washer and nut.  Insert the hands in the clock stem as shown...

Vintage Game Clock 008

6. Glue on the this case I'm using Bingo chips from the game it's self!

Vintage Game Clock 009

7.  Add a battery to the clock movement; replace the lid on the box and.... ENJOY!!!

Vintage Game Clock 011

I just love the vintage fun and funky feel of clocks like this!

Would you like to make a clock like this for yourself or someone you love?

Well I'm going to be sharing a mini clock kit...

Just tell me what your favorite game is and you'll be entered to win!!

You have until 11-26-10 to enter!

Good Luck Friends!!


  1. it is a very cute idea! I haven't had much luck finding vintage game boxes anywhere as yet, but certainly would do this! xo cher

    hilly77 at comcast dot net

  2. Roni -

    This is so cool! What a super idea. My favorite board game was Monopoly. I used to love playing that game. When my son was little my husband, son and I would sit and play it all the time. As he got older he just wanted to play video games like his friends.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Great idea! I have a couple of game boxes from my childhood. The smaller one is a Tiddly Wink box & I've been wanting to do something with it so it'd be where I could enjoy it & not just sitting on a shelf. This may just be the answer!

    As a child my favorite board game was Monopoly & this Summer I had fun introducing my granddaughters to it. We had so much fun! What is YOUR favorite board game Roni?

  4. What a clever idea! I could see this in a game room or a kids room. I love lots of card games. When my kids were little they loved Don't Spill the Beans. LOL! I had forgotten about that game until now.

  5. What a wonderful idea! How clever! My fav board game from childhood is SKUNK! Now wouldn't that make a cool clock!

  6. Great idea! I have some game boxes just waiting for a project like this. I love Scrabble but I haven't played it for real in years - just against the computer! LOL

  7. my fave games were tiddly winks and monopoly..great idea!!..tfs..loves ya

  8. I grew up playing cards and board games. Winters in SE Minnesota were very cold 'back in the old days' so we played LOTS of games. This Bingo Clock is awesome! I hadn't realized how easy something like this could be done. My favorite game was Sorry when I was young. Now it's Scrabble but I'd still play Sorry if I had one!

  9. My favorite game when I was growing up was growing up was SORRY. We use to play it often and I remember my grandma would always cheat for my brother because he was a sore loser. We still have the game and it randomly shows up at our family game nights!

  10. Fun idea! My favorite is Monopoly. A friend and I made up our own rules for the game and would play for hours!

  11. This so cool going to look for the games that our kids loved to play growing up a special Christmas present for their families esp if we add a current version. just found some clock works in hubby's work shop so even closer to creating them.thanks so much for the inspiration

  12. I can honestly say this is one thing I haven't tried. This would make a great gift. Your ideas are the bomb.(giggle)

  13. my favorite was and still is careers.we played lots of board games but that was always my favorite.
    this is such a neat idea tho.thanks for the easy directions to make one of our own.

  14. Holy cow! I stumbled across your blog and I am just awestruck! Love this clock! Any game would work for me as long it was a vintage version.

  15. My favorite vintage game is Pass Word. I haven't seen it for years, so figure it is classified as vintage.

  16. Hi. What an absolute FAB idea!!! Just love it so much. MY fav game when I was a kid would have to be chinese checkers. Cool & thanx for sharing. Cheers.

  17. When I saw the box, I thought "I have one of those boxes." I got it at the thrift store. I also have at least two monopoly games. I can see using either houses or some of the game pieces (like the boot) to mark the hours. What fun it would be, although the box is a bit big. I might even make one out of Boggle, since the boxes are small and square. It would be perfect for that college student living in the dorm.

    As you can tell, I love board games and games of all kinds. It would be hard to choose just one, but either monopoly or trivial pursuit would have to be at the top of my list.

  18. I like this idea a lot! My fave game is, and always was, Pairs (also called "Memory").


  19. wow, this is so cool, who would have thought of using a vintage game box to create a base for a clock? u r sure creative, Roni!

  20. Great gift idea it seems its a vintage one I love it. Keep posting!



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