Thursday, November 4, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments - Coming Soon!!

If you visit often you already know that people voted almost 3-1 for a combination of hand crafted Gifts and Ornaments so that's what we'll do!

Starting next week approx. 4 days each week I'll be sharing a new and different hand crafted gift or ornament idea.  I've got some really fun stuff planned and I will also be giving away some of the goodies I make so be sure to tune in each day cause you just never know when I'll be giving something away!

Hope you're all ready to go :)

This is the faux mistletoe I shared last year during my 25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments!


  1. This should be fun! Can't wait.

  2. Ready and waiting Roni! Sounds like fun x

  3. I wasn't a follower last year - will be eager to see what you have up your very creative sleeve! I've enjoyed your blog so very much thus far. . .

  4. Roni -

    I still can't get over how real that mistletoe looks! Looking forward to all the fun you have planned for us this year.

    Elaine Allen

  5. Hooray for next week!! I can't wait to see what goodies you bring us this year!


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