Wednesday, November 10, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer

Today I have a gift idea that will work for just about anyone on your Christmas list... a stamped key organizer. 

A few weeks ago I asked the question about old items in your stash that you'd like to get used up. One item I heard quite often was label holders!  Of course you can still use them on cards and scrapbooks but more often than not they stay hidden in your pile of goodies.  Well dig em out and dust em off!  We're going to put them to use!

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 001

Another main component of this project is the foundation which can be a variety of materials.  I am using a end cut off a 1x6 board but you can use just about any piece of cut off wood you might have laying around.  If you don't have any boards handy you can always stop by your local lumber yard or home improvement store and ask if they have any cut-offs.  Usually they are very inexpensive ~ around 1.00 or so.  

There is another option you might choose to use for your foundation if the above options don't work for you.  Recycle an old wooden plaque!  Many people have these relics laying around that work perfectly for this type of project.  If you don't have one you might know someone who does.  I have also seen these gems at garage sales and second hand stores for .25 - .50!  Doesn't get much better than that!

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 002

Stamped Key Organizer


Board (foundation)
Label Holder(s)
Spray Ink(s)
Embossing Ink
Embossing Powder
Screw Hooks
Nails (for label holders)
Frame Hanger


1.  Sand the board to remove any rough edges and/or splinters.

2.  Cover your board with desired color(s) of spray inks.  I am making this for my niece for Christmas so I am using pink, yellow and purples.    Apply one color at a time, let it dry completely then apply the next.  This keeps your inks from mixing too much making mud ink. ;)

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 005

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 006

3.  Stamp desired images on your board with clear embossing ink.  Sprinkle the ink with several colors of embossing powders. 

If you will notice I also rubbed my embossing ink along the edge of my organizer to frame it a bit.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 007

Heat to melt and set the embossing powders.

4. Determine placement of your label holders.  Mount to the board using small nails or screws. 

5. Screw the hooks into the board about .25" - .50" below the label holders.

6. Wrap a matching length of ribbon to the outer edge of your board securing with a strong glue.  (I haven't done this yet...I need to get a piece of purple ribbon long enough for my board.)

7. Attach the picture hanger to the back of the board.

You're stamped key organizer is finished!

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 009

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 011

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Stamped Key Organizer 012

Now of course there are hundreds of ways you could actually decorate the board it's self.  Inking and stamping is only one of MANY ideas...  You could also decoupage, paint, crackle, cover it with pattern paper, fabrics, etc. 

The basic idea is all the same....
recycle a piece of cut-off board (or old plaque), decorate and enjoy!


  1. Brilliant idea. Thank you for such a good tutorial.

    Janet xx

  2. Great idea and the one you did is very cute for a teen girl.

  3. I like this Roni! How awesome! What I like is that you can really personalize for the individual you want to give it to. Thank you!

    Elaine Allen

  4. That's a great idea! Thanks, Roni!

  5. Seriously Love this idea and would have never thought to emboss on wood! I am going to make one for myself. :)

  6. What a great idea!! I have everything to make this! I think it will make a great gift for my SIL! Thanks again for all the great ideas!!

  7. Hello Roni,

    I just found your blog and I bookmarked it !

    I strolled through several blogposts and you gave me inspiration right away !!

    Thanks for sharing your projects !

    greetings from Belgium

  8. I love your site and this little key organizer gave a great idea for a board to hang jewelry from and earrings too, keep them from getting all tangled up, thanks for all the great techniques and tips, my morning coffee and your site gets my mojo going every time!
    Cheers from Dartmouth Nova Scotia


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