Monday, March 8, 2010

New Poll - Least used stamps?

Lou's comment about having loads of stamps in her collection but not using many got me to would be great to know what we're all "collecting" and what we're actually using.

Hence the poll...

Tell me what stamps you use the LEAST...

Maybe I can come up with some fun ways to incorporate them into projects and techniques in the future to get us all using more of our stamps instead of just collecting them ;)

I know for me it would be alpha stamps, "Cute" stamps and foam stamps!

How about you???

Don't be shy...we won't tell ;)


  1. Ohhh Ronnie... so embarrassed to admit.. but a lot of my stamps are still not a touch of ink on them... shameful I know....
    I dont buy alpha stamps as I know I just wouldn't use them... or foam stamps...
    But will confess to having many background stamps, dress-forms, and adaptations of them.. doily and lace stamps that I love the look of but not sure how to use them effectively...vintage items ... a few cute things and loads of birds and nests.. but I can stamp them and cut around and use... I also have tonnes of flourishes.. but I am getting a bit gamer with them... eg stamping edges and over stamping over images etc..
    I think I have an addiction to stamps.. but frightened to use them in case I muck it up..IYKWIM??
    I guess the brands I have most of are Tim H, Hero, Stampington, Unity, Prima,...
    Yes I have
    BTW.. I have followed your work and your blog for a long time..unofficially... but have a new blog and I now know how to "follow".... that is also embarrassing but we all have to start somewhere... Anyway have always enjoyed your blog immensely!
    Lou xx

  2. Yeah....we do seem to "collect" lots of I think for me it would have to be the alphabets and border stamps. The ones I use the most are Tim Holtz and my flowers. Wanting to get my hands on more background stamps. I am always trying to figure out how to use my stamps:(( Any ideas you come up with I'm sure will be fun!

  3. I'm up there on the alphabet stamps, I have several sets still with the cellophane on! Judith x

  4. Hmmm I'd have to say my clear stamps. They just don't come out as nice as my rubber stamps. Give me plain ole' rubber any day....

  5. I've been using clear stamps, but am realizing that I prefer the imprint I get from rubber stamps more. I love anything Tim Holtz and use them a lot, but have quite a few CTMH stamps...which I haven't used as much. I love my background stamps and I need some more stamps that would be good on cards.

  6. Hi Roni -

    Like Lou, I have loads of rubber sheets and wood mounted stamps that are "virginal". One of the reasons is that I don't have my room organized yet and so my stamps are kind of in drawers and in envelopes, so I really don't see them. And I know I have some killer gorgeous ones. Another issue I have is do I cut them into individual stamps or leave them as a whole sheet? Some I cut and mounted on cling foam which is great but very messy and time consuming, so that is one of the things that I keep putting off. But would you belive I did all my sister's unmounted sheets on cling foam (she has nowhere near the amount I do). I guess I petered out after doing hers - LOL!
    I'm very eclectic in my stamp tastes, I don't usually go for cute, but every once in a while once catches my attention, like the Penny Black line or House Mouse. I have several sets of Alphas but I find I don't really use them because it just seems to take forever to put a sentiment together with them and they never line up correctly. I even bought quite a few of the Just Rite stamps and I just can't get the hang of them.

    Elaine Allen

  7. Some cutesy free clear stamps I got with a magazine purchase, and as well my big background stamps--all of which I chose myself and love, but still tend to skip using them.

  8. I have lots of stamps but the ones i use the least are probally my background stamps and my unmounted dragon, fairy stamps which I have a lot of

  9. I've been reading the comments and I think its great how we all are so differient, I love back ground stamps and use them all the time and some have them but don't use them. I don't use the cutsey ones so much. I love the Tim Holtz look and use his the most. I have some foam fabric stamps that I never use.

  10. Well I use to never use my stamps, but once I organized them and I can see them, I use them a lot more. I actually love my Alpha stamps!!! I use them often. The ones I use the least are probably my older ones. From when my boys were little. I should pass them on to others that have young kids, but it is so hard to get rid of them!

  11. Ah, stamps that I almost never use... I would have to say that they are the ones of people (famous people, unknown people, quirky people) that I have collected by buying grab bags! I have one of Henry VIII, Geronimo...things like that! And they are BIG!! How do you use something like that?
    I used to have a lot of alpha sets that I never used, but after unmounting them from their wooden blocks I love using them. Used to be that I couldn't get the placement right so I avoided them.
    Another type that I don't use are my whimsical, cutesy stamps that I seem to have left over from my dd's childhood. I have cut some of them up to turn them into more usable parts and that helps.
    Oh yeah...and sports stamps! I NEVER use sports stamps!! Although I do wish I had one of a bowling that would be cool!

  12. Just wanted to add that I never used to use my foam stamps until I discovered that they make awesome backgrounds. I use dye ink and they give kind of a distressed look because the image isn't very sharp. I sponge ink in a lighter color on cardstock, then ink the edges...and stamp with foam stamps in random ways. Even cutesy foam stamps can look decent if you make it grungy enough! LOL!

  13. HI RONI!!! Haven't read your bolg in such a LONG time. TOO LONG!! :( But I love to look through it + love all the ideas you show. You are so very, very tallented. You always amaze + inspire me. Thank you so very much. I've missed you.

    Now onto your poll...this really caught my eye!!
    I have A TON TON TON of stamps (as you know!) and I would have to say the ones I use the very least are the House Mouse ones. I absolutely LOVE the artwork but they are so detailed and 'busy' that they are hard to color. Whether I use colored pencils, watercolors, any of the coloring mediums...just TOO much work!! Ugh!!

    Would just love to see if you could/would come up with some sort of technique to use them with.

    Hope you + your family are doing well. Pray you've made it through this long, cold, very snowy winter. Hoping it's pretty much over now!!

    Take care!
    Love You!!
    And many, many tight HUGS!!


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