Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Little Cat!

I wanted to share this picture I took today...this is my girl ~ Little Cat.

I know ~ weird name but she picked it...I don't even remember what we were calling her but she totally ignored us and I said something to dh about "little cat" and she came right over.

Little Cat - Preg 010

She's such a pretty cat ~ she's got the neat bulls eye pattern on both sides of her body! Up till now she's always been a very sleek, thin, streamline cat.

She got out in Feb. and was gone for 5 whole days...during which we had a snow storm, below freezing temps and and ice storm to boot! I figured after the 2nd/3rd day we'd never see her again since it was so bad out.

WELL, on the 5th day she showed up, scared, cold and hungry! The first thing she did....went to the litter box (slap my forehead!!!)

As you can tell...she is now VERY pregnant!

Dh...the man who "says" he doesn't like cats (yeah right!) can't wait till their are born (he's never seen kittens born). Honestly, I can't either but I won't admit that to him since I tease him all the time about being an anxious grandpa - LOL!!

I've been trying for a while now to get a good picture to demonstrate just how larger her belly is. Most of the time she just looks like a "normal" size cat since she was so sleek to begin with. This is the first time I've been able to capture the mommy belly.

Anyway, that's my little girl :)


  1. I'm so glad she came back home Roni. She is a beautiful Silver Tabby. I love her face, and I can tell that you'll be a grandma in the near future - LOL! She is pretty little girl.


  2. She is beautiful! (And I have a cat named "Grey Kitty," so I can relate to the "weird name" thing!

  3. She's beautiful Roni, don't be surprised though if she chooses to keep the whole birthing thing a secret, they are prone to finding a hiding hole and getting the job done before you even know it!

  4. Ooh, you'll enjoy those babies so much. I remember mine having kittens and they were adorable - not too much work but I did end up with lots of scratched calves and hands, lol. She's beautiful - and I'm not a cat lover.

  5. What a cute kitty, I work with a girl that told me she brought her cat in because there was a tom on the back porch and she didn't want kittens. I just laughed and told her she had better take her to the vet now. My dh says we have to get rid of the cats (people like to dump cats in the country) next he is petting and making over them.lol

  6. Your kitty is very precious and special. Not only because she has hearts on her fur but because she was able to survive and come home to you to share her babies with you.

  7. Really glad to hear she came home!! She is so gorgeous! I'm lovin' the heart on her side, makes her really special! I am a BIG animal lover!

  8. She is just PRECIOUS! Good luck to her and her kitties and lots of hugs :)


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