Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tissue Paper Roses

As promised today I wanted to show you how I made the tissue roses from the Explore canvas I shared with you yesterday.

Explore Canvas 2

Tissue Roses

tissue roses 001


Distress Ink

Mini Mister (optional)

Non Stick Craft Mat

Clothing Pattern Tissue Paper

NOTE: There are two ways you can dye your tissue before you use it...one using a Mini Mister and the other using the Non Stick Craft Mat.


Dye the Tissue Paper

1. Tear the pattern paper into strips approx 2" wide.

tissue roses 003

(Mini Mister Instructions)

2. Add a drop or two of ink to the Mini Mister, fill with water and shake.

tissue roses 004

3. Place the strips of tissue paper on the Non Stick Craft Mat and mist with the ink/water mixture. Let these strips dry naturally or speed drying using a Heat Tool.

tissue roses 006

This is what your tissue will look like after it has dried. Notice how there are light and dark areas where the ink has pooled in some places. LOVE this finished look. Adds so much to the finished flower.

tissue roses 008


(Craft Sheet & Ink Pad Instructions)

2. Pounce the Distress Ink Pad on your Non Stick Craft Mat several times.

tissue roses 009

3. Mist the ink with water.

tissue roses 010

4. Gently smoosh the tissue paper around in the ink/water mixture until the paper has been covered completely. Let the tissue dry naturally or speed drying using a Heat Tool.

tissue roses 011

Making The Rose

1. Fold one end of the tissue over and crease. This will give you a nice crisp beginning to your rose. It will really help define the center of the flower once you get going.

tissue roses 012

2. Begin wrapping the tissue paper around it's self creating a nice tight spiral as shown.

tissue roses 014

3. Once you have reached the end of the creased tissue gently fold the tissue in half. DO NOT crease at this point. You want the fold to be full and open. This will begin to add volume to the flower and create the petal look.

tissue roses 015

4. When you reach the end of the tissue, twist the bottom very tightly ~ this will secure your flower and keep it from unraveling.

tissue roses 016

5. Wrap each flower with green dyed tissue paper for the leaves. When you add these flowers to a project, add extra green tissue here and there to fill in the area as demonstrated on the Explore Canvas pictured at the beginning of the post.

tissue roses 017

and a closer look at the flowers....

tissue roses 018

Tomorrow if I can get everything going in the right direction I'm going to try a video showing how to make these flowers. It's so much easier to see them being made than it is to tell you. It's really quite easy to understand the folds/wrapping once you see it done.

It's finally sunny here in Indiana and a hint of Spring is in the air! I hope it's just as nice where you are.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!!


  1. LOVE these! Thanks for the fab tutorial.

  2. Thankyou for the tutorial. I keep getting things I order wrapped in lovely coloured tissue paper,of course I keep it :-) Now I have something to use it for.

  3. they are adrorable....luv the videos, ty Roni xo

  4. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to give these a try. Looking forward to the video too. ;)
    I just wanted to add that I had a chance to start reading your book today & I LOVE it!

  5. those are soooo cool! thanks for the wonderful instructions!!

  6. I'm thinking maybe we'll get some sun here in Ohio tomorrow. I'm going to try your roses or maybe wait for the video. Thanks Roni.

  7. Gorgeous art and FAB roses. they are divine hun x


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