Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick Spring Tag!

Well I know it's happened to all of us from time to time...

We need a card or gift tag NOW.

Well here is a quick little tag that can be used as is tied to a gift or added to a plain white card base in a jiffy!

quick tag 008



Pattern Paper



Glitter Glue (I used Distress Stickles)

Distress Ink

Spring (or other) Stickers

Pop-Dot or Foam Tape


1. Cut tag shape from chipboard. It can be a shipping tag style, circle, square, oval, etc. Whatever shape tickles your fancy at the time. Punch a hole at the top.

quick tag 001

2. Attach a bit of pattern paper to the lower half of the tag. You can distress it if you have time or not.

quick tag 003

3. Swipe a bit of paint across the top. (doesn't have to be perfect, just a quick coat will do.)

quick tag 004

4. (Optional) Add a bit of Glitter Glue and heat to dry. I like to use Distress Stickles if I'm in a hurry. You of course can use traditional glitter but it's much more messy and takes a bit longer to adhere/dry. Since we're going for quick...this works great.

quick tag 005

5. Attach some ribbon and/or lace to the bottom, center and add to the hole.

6. Add a pop-dot or bit of double stick foam tape to the back of a Spring sticker. You of course can use any sticker that works for your particular need. If you have extra time you could use a stamped image (colored or not). Totally up to you and your time frame.

quick tag 006

And you're done!

This tag would have taken me about 15 minutes if I hadn't been taking photos. If you omit step 4 (adding glitter) then it would have taken about 5 minutes.

Really quick and really easy!!

This tag can be tied to a gift, flower bouquet, gift basket, etc or if you'd like you could attach it to a card base with a few pop dots!

Great for when you're in a hurry and almost out of time!

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  1. Hi Roni -

    I love the Shabby Chic look of this tag. And it does not look like a quickie! This really came out cute, love it.

    Elaine Allen


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