Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Luminary or Mini Treat Bag!

Hey Everyone!

I had planned on sharing this little project with you yesterday but we had hay down (5 different fields worth) and a forecast for rain today.... Soooooo I spent all day yesterday helping dh bale hay. We ended up working on it until 7:45 and got it all done!! FINALLY ~ the last hay of the year. When we got home I was too pooped to pop so I cheated and we had DQ for supper. By the time we were finished I was ready for bed!

Anyway, here it is...

Mini Luminaries

(for battery operated candles)


Mini Luminary Template

Pattern Paper (single sided, thin paper)


Bone Folder

Deco Scissors, Edge Punch, etc (optional)

Exacto Knife (optional)

Battery Operated Candle

Mini Luminary Template -

This fits on an 8 1/5" x 11" piece of paper so you could actually print it out on your pattern paper or if you prefer to print it on heavy cardstock to make a single template to trace each time. Either works great!

mini luminary 016


1. Trace or print luminary template onto pattern paper* and cut out.

mini luminary 001

*Note: The reason I use pattern paper for this luminary is that pattern paper is usually thinner than cardstock so it lets the light shine through and it highlights the pattern on the paper.

2. Using a bone folder crease all of the fold lines.

mini luminary 003

3. Fold each area that you creased with the bone folder...

mini luminary 005

4. (optional) You may at this time add a bit of extra to your luminary at this time. You could use a variety of edge punches, deco scissors, etc. to create a nice top edge on your luminary. You may also choose to cut out a variety of designs for the bag front and back to let a bit extra light shine through. Some ideas include ~ jack-o-lantern faces, witches, moon, stars, pumpkins, candy corn, etc. But of course this is totally optional you could use the luminary as is.

5. Apply a bit of adhesive to the 4 small flaps and begin assembling the bag by first adhering the two small sides of the bag to the 2 smallest flaps as shown:

mini luminary 006

6. Finish adhering the last side of the bag and you're done! Your bag is ready for the battery operated candle!

mini luminary 010

Here are a couple more examples.

((You'll have to forgive the nasty edges on my cut-outs. SOMEONE...has decided to use my exacto knife to modify his model parts. It's dull as a butter knife and I'm out of new blades!))

Finished size: 3" x 1 1/2" x 4" high.

mini luminary 014

mini luminary 011

You could use this little bag as a treat bag as well! Cut the bag from cardstock, add a couple bits of fiber, ribbon or raffia for handles to each side and you're set to go. You could also cut out a pattern in the side and cover it with acetate on the inside so the treats will show through!

So there you go a fun and quick little addition to your Halloween decor!!

Have a happy haunted night ;)


  1. Really cute! Planning to use these for Christmas window decorations!! Thanks!

  2. I like the rough edges so maybe your tool borrower should be forgiven. LOL


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