Saturday, October 17, 2009

Easy Envelopes!!!

I can't tell you how many people have asked me where I buy envelopes and/or what template or tool I have for making my own. I learned a long time ago you could go broke buying pre-made envies and ask I looked around I found that all of the "gadgets" out there for making envies were VERY expensive...15.00 - 60.00!! Way too rich for my blood so I decided to figure out how to make my own :)

Now these ideas are an excellent way to use up old cardstock or duplicate pieces of pattern paper that you may not want to use on your crafts anymore!

Easy Envies

for any size card!

These are the two envies I use the most.

All you need to make these envelopes are cards, a pair of scissors, bone folder, single or double sided cardstock and your favorite adhesive.

Easy Envie 001

Small-Medium Sized Card

Envelope Directions:

I usually start out with an 8 1/2" x 11 or 12" sheet of cardstock for small - medium sized cards.

1. Center the card on your piece of cardstock and draw lines on each side of the card adding about 1/8" - 1/4" on each side. This extra space makes for easy insertion ~ o.k. no better way to put that.

Easy Envie 002

2. Use the bone folder and crease lines where you placed your marks. You can see in this photo I placed an "X" on the outside corners where the lines criss-crossed.

Easy Envie 003

3. Cut off the 4 corners where "X" marks the spot!

Easy Envie 005

4. Fold both of the outside smaller flaps towards the center.

Easy Envie 006

5. Fold the bottom flap up towards the center. Apply a small bit of adhesive to adhere this flap to the 2 side flaps.

Easy Envie 007

6. (optional) If desired you could miter the top edges of the small flaps as shown...

Easy Envie 010

7. Fold the flap over and it's ready to use!

Easy Envie 011

8. (optional) If desired you can spiff it up a bit and use an edge punch or deco scissors to pretty up the flap!

Easy Envie 012

Large Card Envelope Directions:

I use 12x12 sheets of cardstock for these envelopes.

You can make envelopes for some VERY large cards using this technique.

1. Center your card on the cardstock which has been turned so one corner is pointing towards you as shown...

Easy Envie 014

2. Fold the bottom corner up towards the center.

Easy Envie 015

3. Turn the card/cardstock and fold the next corner towards the center.

Easy Envie 016

4. Fold the last side towards the center as shown...

Easy Envie 018

5. Open all 3 sides up...

Easy Envie 019

6. Re-fold both of the side panels in towards the center.

Easy Envie 020

7. Fold the bottom flap towards the center and secure with a dab of adhesive.

Easy Envie 021

8. Fold the top flap down and you're good to go!

Easy Envie 022

And there you have two very quick and easy techniques for creating your own envelopes for virtually any size card you may make!


  1. I like the fact that they're quick and easy!! Thanks for the tut!

  2. Yes, aren't they though! It's great when you're in a hurry and can't find a matching envie!

  3. That is great. Thanks very much. I always enjoy your blog.

  4. I have been admiring cool envelopes made from magazine pages and this technique would work perfectly for that! Thanks so much for taking the time to share:)

  5. I love using up old patterned paper to make envelopes. All of those themed papers from way back when make super envies!

  6. So quick, thank you very much. I needed that for my Xmas cards.

  7. Marking this post . . .

    Thank you for doing this. I so often need custom sizes that this will help a lot!

  8. thank you for sharing this great tutorial

  9. Great Tutorial !! It's also great to know that on the second tutorial, that's the way I am doing the envie's anyway; but the first tutorial looks more professional. Thanks very much!!

  10. At last! directions and pics that make sense!!!!! Well done and thanks so much for doing this. I have been searching for plain speaking envelopes for ages.

  11. WHOW! So glad I checked on the SCS Newsletter this week. This is the best and simplist way I've ever seen to make envies for odd-sized cards. And believe me, I've been searching. BRILLIANT. If you had a tip jar, I'd gladly tip.

  12. I tried this once before on my own, but for some reason it came out better using your directions. Thank you so much! I just used it for a 5x5 wedding card.

  13. I like the fact that they're quick and easy!! I have been searching for Gift Card envelopes.

  14. It's also great to know that on the second tutorial, that's the way I am doing the envie's anyway; but the first tutorial looks more professional. Thanks very much!!


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