Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lacey Vellum Examples

Here are the lacey vellum examples. I tried to use a variety of colors as well as stamp styles to show you a bit more of what you can expect when you try this technique yourself! I didn't decorate these goodies too much as I wanted you to be able to see the vellum/pattern without too many distractions.

The first example has light, bright and earth tone colors of ink paired with a bold pattern stamp. You can see how well the image shows up ~ better on the darker colors but still acceptable on the lights and brights.

Lace Look Vellum ex 001

This is the flower image from yesterday...I just love how you see each and every little line on the petals and center.

Lace Look Vellum ex 002

Here is another example using light, bright and earth tone colors of ink again with a bold stamp image. You will notice that this "light" ink is barely there while the other two really pop.

Lace Look Vellum ex 003

The final example is one using a thin line stamp. I used a dark ink because thinner lines are difficult to see even on the darker inks. You can really see the difference between the bold images vs. this thin line image.

Lace Look Vellum ex 006

One last word of caution with this technique...don't under any circumstances add Stickles Glitter Glue!! It makes a total mess ~ and yes, I found that out the hard way ;) I was going to share a 2nd ATC card but it ended up in File 13 after a run in with a Stickles bottle!

Tomorrow I'm going to share a couple easy ways to make your own basic envelopes ~ without templates, expensive contraptions or other envie gadgets!


  1. What a cool technique! I'm going to give it a try!

  2. What happens with Stickles? Do they not dry on vellum?


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