Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Treat Filled Crackers

Today's project is a way to make an extra special "Trick AND Treat" for those little ghosts and goblins that will be finding their way to your door step this Halloween.

Treat filled Halloween themed Crackers are a quick and easy project which uses a few very basic supplies found around the home....

halloween cracker 002


Tissue paper (new or used)

Toilet paper or Paper Towel Rolls

Holiday Themed Rubber Stamps

Adirondack Color Wash Sprays (or other dye inks)

Archival Inks

Deco Scissors (optional)

String, Raffia, Ribbon, etc. (to tie the cracker shut)

Candy, Goodies, etc (to fill the cracker)


1. If you are using white tissue paper you may choose to dye it. I used Adirondack Color Wash Sprays but you could use any number of re-inkers. Another favorite of mine to use is Distress Ink Re-Inkers mixed with Perfect Pearls or Glimmer Mists.

NOTE - you may want to spread out paper grocery sacks so you can color and leave the tissue paper to dry in the same spot. Once the tissue paper is wet it is VERY fragile!! Moving it can be a trick once wet.

halloween cracker 003

2. Let the tissue paper dry naturally or speed drying with a Heat Tool (which is what I do...I can't stand to wait!

3. Stamp the heck out of the paper...fill it up! Remember to stamp off the edges of the paper as well for a natural look.

halloween cracker 006

4. (optional) Fold the paper up and trim the edges. It's not necessary but it just gives it a nice finished edge.

halloween cracker 005

5. Cut the tissue paper into individual sheets...I normally get 4 pieces from one standard sheet of tissue paper.

6. Tape one edge of the stamped tissue paper to the tp roll. Roll it up and secure the end.

halloween cracker 007

7. Pinch one end of the tissue paper to the center of the roll. This is very important ~ if you try to just tie the end it is very possible you will rip the tissue paper.

halloween cracker 008

8. Tie the pinched tissue paper closed.

halloween cracker 009

9. Fill the cracker with goodies...

halloween cracker 010

10. Pinch and tie the remaining end closed...AND ENJOY!!!

halloween cracker 011

Now these crackers are a snap to make...

very quick, easy and inexpensive


Great for all sorts of occasions!!

Here are a few variation ideas:

*Use metallic inks to stamp your designs.

*Tint the tissue paper with multiple Color Wash Spray Dyes for more color.

*Use old tinsel to wrap the ends for a bit of glitz!

*Highlight the stamped designs with Stickles Glitter Glue.

*Find tiny gifts to add to the cracker for an extra surprise.

*If you prefer healthy treats, use bagged fruit snacks or tiny boxes of raisins.

Be sure to check in tomorrow...

It's a special day and you just might win a little something ;)

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  1. These are cute! I'm going to be hosting Thanksgiving this year and I think I'll make some of these up to put at everyone's place setting!


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