Saturday, March 1, 2014

Inexpensive Gelato/Gel Stick Starter Set & Metallics

Since I posted the St. Patrick's Day tag using Gelatos several people have e-mailed saying they love the look and would really like to play with them but just can't get past the price.  Trust me, I totally understand ~ craft supplies are very expensive and we all like to get the most bang for our buck.

From everything I've read and seen the Gel Sticks are virtually identical to the Gelatos but please read a reply from Faber-Castell near the end of this post.

I found a place on Amazon that offers a really nice starter set of Faber-Castell "Gel Sticks" for a REALLY great price - 12 for $11.80...I don't think you're going to find a better price anywhere unless you get them with a coupon or a really great sale.

They also offer the Metallics - 6 for $7.49!

Both offer free shipping on orders of $35.00 or more.  I always go for this deal because you might as well spend the $'s on products rather than shipping.

Now, I've seen many posts and a couple videos doing comparisons of both the Gel Stick vs. Gelatos.  From everything I've read and seen they seem to be exactly the same.  I did find a comment from Faber Castell disputing that fact:

Hi There!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® here. Just wanted to add in a few facts about the Gelatos™-unlike the Gel Sticks, the Gelatos™ have a formulation that we have uniquely designed to be lightfast, acid-free and archival for paper crafters.

You were right when you thought Gelatos and Gel Sticks looked similar, Gelatos were in fact inspired by our children’s Gel Stick but we knew that the basic children’s primary color set and the children’s formulation would not meet the paper crafter’s need.

Gel Sticks don’t have the lightfast quality of Gelatos, crafts created with Gel Sticks will begin to fade over time.

Another difference between Gel Sticks and Gelatos™- Gelatos™ have broader color palette to choose from. Before we released these new colors, we conducted an extensive study on the hottest trends in the crafting industry. Our new colors not only coordinate with other pens and pencils in our line, but also with the current selection of paper, ribbons, and embellishments that are on store shelves. Our Mix & Match concept lets you work effortlessly by simply choosing your favorite color collections and shopping across the medium choices (like combining mixed media techniques using Gelato’s and Watercolor Pencils, or Gelatos and Stamper’s Big Brush india ink pens) We know trends change and that’s why we continue to add to our color collections like our expanded Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Neutral, and Metallic collections. These color collections reach beyond just your basic red, and include more sophisticated and adult colors like our Guava, Lavender, and Metallic Melon colors. This winter we will be adding our Gelato designer color series, inspired by popular combinations of colors designed to pop when used alongside one another. With this further addition of option to shop by a preselected designer color, you will have 32 colors of Gelatos to choose from.

You can visit our facts page for more information:

Just a note - I did try to go to their facts page but it doesn't exist any are simply taken to the design memory craft front page.

Here is a link to a video showing them both side by side...Faber Castell Gel Stick vs Gelatos.
It seems like the main difference that Faber Castell is claiming is that the Gelatos are lightfast/archival as both the Gelatos & Gel Sticks are acid-free.  The other difference is that the Gelatos come in a wider range of colors which match their other products.  

So I leave it up to you....


  1. I was able to find a gelatos kit at my local Micheals. It contained 10 full size colors plus paper samples to experiment with and some gesso plus a stamp. The retail price was $24 and I was lucky enough to have a 50% off coupon. Crafters may have to ask the store staff where to find it in their store as it was on a bottom shelf and not with in the fine arts section of the store. Sorry I can remember exactly where I found it. Donna S.

  2. That was exactly my experience, Donna S. 50% off coupon at Michaels, lower shelf, nice size gift box with gelatoes, brushes, stencil, and more- really nice set for $24 and then a coupon!

  3. Haha! I'm laughing because just today I ALSO bought that same set as the 2 ladies above. I used my coupon and it cost me only 12.00! A great deal I think. I can't wait to use them. Tonight I've been looking at lots of tutorials on YouTube about different ways to use them. Thank you for the info!
    Erica :)

  4. At my Michaels, they are in the stamp aisle along side the markers. We usually only carry two at a time, so if there aren't any available, they will be back in stock. Great deal. Especially with a coupon!

  5. I saw that Frugal Crafter's video about a year ago. She liked the Gel Sticks better than Gelatos, and that's what I bought in the children's craft section of Dick Blick. So far so good!
    My pet peeve is when manufacturers take products already on the market, jack up the price and then target a craft audience (usually women) they think don't know about it. For instance, I could be wrong but Dylusions color sprays seem exactly like water based screen printing inks. I go round and round about these products with my craft group. Some are happy to pay more for more convenient sizes and forms. Others of us get irritated.


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