Friday, March 21, 2014

Gelatos Monoprinting

I've had several reader requests for more techniques using Gelatos.  They seem to be really catching on but people are reluctant to dive in and use them.  Well pull em off the shelf and let's put them to use!  We're going to be making some fun background paper for use on cards, tags, atc's, etc.  Really any project you might have in mind to create.

Gelatos Monoprinting

This is a fun technique because it's very easy but you get beautiful, unique fail-proof designs each and every time!   What could be better?  Before we begin though I wanted to mention to be sure and try this technique using a variety of papers.... I have used several in the examples below to show you how different types of paper react to the water & Gelatos.

Start off by scribbling the Gelatos onto your non-stick craft mat.

Mist with water...

and smear it around a bit to mix in the Gelatos.  It doesn't have to be just don't want solid scribble lines in the water...after all, you could make that directly on your paper.

Dip your paper, tag, etc. into the Gelatos/water mix, 

remove and set aside to dry.  You can speed drying with a heat tool.

NOTE: Some colors of Gelatos are very light once dissolved in water.  You want to keep this in mind when combining colors.

And repeat with one or more additional colors.  This color (Blueberry) shows up MUCH better than the one I originally used (Snow Cone).   Be sure to dry the papers between colors so they don't become muddy.

And here are how my examples turned out.  All were made using Blueberry, Raspberry and Lime.

Notice how different the same colors look on kraft tags vs. manila tags? 

and the difference is evident here as well.
Upper L - Georgia Pacific CS, Upper R - Neenah Exact Index CS
Bottom - Canson Mixed Media Paper

Lots of fun and very addictive.  Once you get going you're not going to want to stop any time soon ~ 
and yes, I speak from experience.  I actually had several more examples made but didn't want to bore you with all of my experiments.

So there you go...  I'll share more Gelatos techniques in the coming weeks but if you don't want to wait be sure to click on the gelatos tag at the left.  It will take you to all of the other Gelatos techniques and projects I have shared previously.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Don't forget to take some time to get inky!!


  1. Thank you Roni! I will try this over the weekend xx

  2. Awesome idea - I have some fake gelatos (or as we call them here jumbo twistees) - I am going to have to experiment - I have never used them since I bought them. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Spiffy tutorial, I appreciate your showing how it works on different materials. Definitely going to try using my gelatos this way.

  4. Finally bought my first set today of the metallic ones and can't wait to try this technique. I know I'll have loads of fun. Lol! If you don't see me around for awhile you know what I'll be doing. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous tags.


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