Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your Opinion Please...Books & Washers

I was going to post about Tsukineko's Memento Luxe ink on fabric today but first I wanted to ask your opinions about a couple things totally un-art related - LOL!!

First, if you had collected a set of books from one of your favorite authors would you keep them after you were finished reading them?   sell them individually or as a set?   or   ???????     I've collected and read all of the Laura Childs series (3 ~ Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbook Mysteries & the Cackleberry Club Mysteries).    Most of them are soft cover (I like to read in bed at night and these are easier to handle I think) but there are a couple hard covers as I couldn't wait till they came out in paper back - LOL!!

What do you do with your old books you love?

Next, my washer's a Whirlpool Duet Frontload and I have to tell you I'm not real pleased with it....  It was very expensive when we bought it (8 years ago) and it was nice but in the last several months we've had the same error code (FH) and the repair man out multiple times.  We've now replaced 3 different parts ~ all of which didn't fix the freakin error code. 

From a little research on-line I've discovered that once these washers get a bit of age on them FH is a common problem.  "I" think it's got something to do with one or the other electronic/computer board because the problem would come and go for months before it became virtually unusable.  BUT, since I'm not a guy I obviously don't know what I'm talking least that's the impression that I got from the (@$#()%^)@!(*#%)  repair man.

Since we've put over 1/4 the cost of a new machine so far with no solution in sight we've decided to get a new washer instead.  I do NOT want another Whirlpool... this one has been a PITB for long enough.  I want to stick with a front load and I'm thinking about an LG with 4 cu. ft.  load capacity.     I've read so many reviews, and most are great but then there are always naysayers....people who have had horrible problems and spent time and $'s trying to get them fixed.  I'm petrified having to go shop for a new one...I so don't want to make the wrong choice because they are so expensive.  Our old top load (no electronics) lasted for almost 16 years...the Duet only 8 (at twice the cost).   I'd really like to find something that lasts, is dependable and won't give me fits.

So, my question for you is do you have a good dependable front load washer, how long have you had it and if so what brand/model is it?    Any input you have would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I had a whirlpool and got rid of it cos of electronic problems...the shop took it back and we got an LG, have not looked back!

  2. Hi Roni -

    I bought about 2 years ago an LG stainless steel tub machine that is top loaded. We thought about a front load and decided against it. I have to say we have had no issues with it, cleans like a dream, uses much less water. The only issue we have had is that sometimes is smells a bit, kinda like a horse stable - LOL! But I just run some bleach in the machine and then leave the top open for about a day (or until the inside dries) and the smell is gone.

    As for books that I have read, I donate them to the local library, assisted living or nursing home.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Hi Roni, regarding books, I love books. If you intend to read them again keep them. If you only read once why not sell them and get something new. Or if you don't want to part with them why not use a library, if you have one close by.

    Regarding washing machines, most in Europe are front loaders. I like Zanussi but I don't if that's a brand you get in the US. Good luck

  4. Hi, I NEVER get rid of my books, I have over 300 in the bedroom on shelves, then once I got a kindle I have added about another 350, with loads more room for more.
    As for the washer (I'm in the UK) but I have had an LG direct drive(beltless so much quieter), for years now and I love it. It's a large load 7kg with a 1600rpm spin. Wouldnt swap it for the world. LG have a good reputation and I have had several over the years that have lasted and performed well.
    Hope this helps.
    Love your blog and tutorials by the way


  5. Books, my favourite authors I collect them. I must confess to reading all over the place and definitely in bed so love my soft covers and I use my library to read the latest editions till I can afford them. My opinion keep them especially if you are in to rereading them. If not it depends on your book shelf space.
    Sorry don't have a front loader so can't help you there.

  6. I have a LG and I would not buy another if you would give me the money!Never another front loader!!!

  7. I never get rid of books I truly love. They are like treasures to me. Books I don't love, I pass on to others--usually I give them away or at least share them for reading and eventually, once they are returned, get rid of them.

    You might put them up as a set. If they don't sell that way, then put them for sale individually.

    As for front loading washing machines, I've never had one, so no input there.

  8. Good Morning Roni!

    Sorry to hear about your washer! Such a necessity but can be such a pain in many ways! While I don't want to be going back down to the river with washboard in hand, I do wish the front loaders were as long-lasting as the top loaders. Like you, I've had both! My front loader was an LG and I loved it! I would buy another. The reason I say that is because when we moved from Oregon back to Montana I sold it to a friend who was in dire need. It too was about 7 years old and started having error issues! I hadn't put any other money into it tho.

    I believe that the "nay-sayers" re everywhere about everything! They simply will not/can not be satisfied with any product. If you trust LG (as I do!) then buy that one.

    As far as books go......I love my favorite ones & would never get rid of them. If you do want to tho, how about putting them up when you do another craft sale/art fair? Just a thought!!!

    Take care my friend!!!
    Carol Metully

  9. As far as novels go, once I read them I'm done. I usually pass them on to someone else to enjoy. Now art instructions books, that a whole other story. I keep them. Cookbooks I keep my favorite and ones that were gifts. Others I pass on.

    Can't help you with the washer put looks like a lot of other can. So good luck.

  10. My sympathy with the washer problem. Seems with everything these days you pay a fortune for things that don't last and can't be fixed. I inherited a Sears washer when we bought the house. Who knows how old it was. After having it fixed a few times, I decided to replace it. The repair man said it was a good machine and I should hang onto it and just keep having the little problems fixed. I figured he was trying to keep me as a repeat customer, but he was probably right. My new toploader Whirlpool is ok, but it developed problems a while ago. Rather than call the repair man I went online to It is a weird site, but by digging for a while I managed to find the answer to my problem and fixed it myself. And by fixed, I mean I disabled the safety feature on the lid, because my repair job was a little wobbly and disconnecting it worked better. I know enough not to stick my arm in the machine while it's doing a high speed spin dry. Apparently the feature is a requirement now because some man (yes, man) stuck his arm in his during the spin cycle and broke it and sued the machine manufacturer). It also does not work on large loads which I figure means it needs a new motherboard (read: expensive replacement part), and it thinks the spin dry is a good time to add more water (I turn the water off before it spins to solve that problem). It works, sort of. At least it was a fairly cheap machine. I'm milking it until I win the Powerball. Maybe if you read you can get his opinion on different brands. He is very opinionated. Good luck.

  11. PS, if you look at fixitnow, look at the very top of the home page. Maybe that will be helpful.

  12. I have been leery of the new front load machines and their high price. I bought a good old Kenmore and it works like a charm. The last one I had lasted 15 years. I have had this one for 7 years and it working great. As for books -- I have held on to some hardbacks but the Paperbacks either get donated or sold to our used bookstore.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!