Monday, June 24, 2013

What is Google Reader?

O.k...I'm not real computer literate, and I'm sure this is a stupid question but what is Google Reader?  I did a search for it and all I get are things telling me it's leaving on 7-1-13.  I know that much, I just need to know if I read it and if I do how to save my blogs I read.

I read most of my blogs under my "Ink Stained Roni's Blogs" (which are the ones I post to) below that is a section called "Reading List".  Is that Google Reader?   or is it somewhere else?

If it's that thing under my list of blogs then I'm in trouble...if it's not then I'm o.k.


Silvia posted a link to a blog that explained it so even I could understand it!
(Thank you Silvia!!)
If this link doesn't take you to the "Techy Tip" there is a tab at the top that says "Home" and "Techy Tips" - just click on the tip one and you'll be in the right place. 
I clicked on the Add button like she suggested and there were only 2 in my Google Reader list, imported them and they are now on my Blogger reading list so I'm happy.
I'm going to copy and paste my list of blogs in the Blogger list to a word file just in case.  That way if they do go away on July 1st I'll have a way to rebuild my reading list :)


  1. Perhaps this will be helpful to you:

  2. Hi Roni -

    I've been trying to find out the same thing. I don't have a blog, but I follow a lot of them - yours included. I use BLOGGER to read my blogs and keep up with new blog entries. But I don't know if it has anything to do with Google Reader. So I'm kinda in the same boat as you. If you find out anything would love to hear about it.

    Thanks - Elaine Allen

  3. I don't know how this will all change with the upcoming loss of google blogger. The reader may not be around after that on July 1.

  4. Answer to Reading List question...hopefully this link will work (?) Found this in Google Blogger forums.

  5. You can swap over to blog lovin and it will import your whole list for you and you can sort thru them into groups too :)

  6. So far I'm using Feedly instead of Google Reader and am more than happy with it. Never followed blogs via blogger since I follow quite a few wordpress blogs too.

  7. Your Google Friend Connect widget that you use on the right side of your is connected to Google Reader. Anyone who follows you using GFC will need to switch to another reader by July 1st. I have switched to Bloglovin as my primary feed reader. I tried Feedly too but I like Bloglovin better because I think it's easier to use. It imported all of my Google Reader blogs in just a simple click or two--in seconds. And they provide widget code you can add to your blog so that others can follow you on Bloglovin as well. They also have an app so people can read their blogs on their smartphone and tablets etc. If you read blogs simply thru your Blogger Dashboard, you shouldn't be too affected by the end of Google Reader--but anyone who uses that to read your blog will be affected. Hope this helps.


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