Friday, June 21, 2013

Visiting my Childhood....

Well, the darn sewing machine still isn't fixed so the album is on hold for now as I was going to sew around my pockets and connect the pages too.  I'll have to go over to our shop this weekend and stitch them up.
So, I thought I'd share some photos I took recently... 
for various sorted reasons I hadn't been over to my Grandma's place in a few years now. (long story you don't want to hear).  Anyway, I was there a week ago and took some pics.
My grandpa (now past) and dad built their "new" house about 30 years ago or so but the "old house" is still there.  This is the house we went for holidays, summer vacations, birthdays, weekends, etc.  It was the place that the whole family got together and well did family stuff.
I know it looks like a haunted house now but I can still see it how it used to look as a child.....lots of fond memories.
There used to be an enclosed porch where the tree is growing up on the right side.
Door to the basement...
a very scary place when you're a kid.
This is the front of the house, what you can see of it. 
The evergreens were just small things when we were kids, now they obscure the entire front of the house.
Here is the plaque (you can barely see it in the above picture) that tells who built it and when.
My grandparents moved in either 59 or 60.
And here's my French Grandma...
And some of her flowers blooming right now....
wild roses
So there you go...
Do you have a place from your childhood that brings back a flood of memories?
We'd love to hear about them!


  1. I love that old house! I bet it is just chock full of memories - my dad finished the house we all grew up in (he added the upstairs, the enclosed breeze way, and the double car garage) and after he passed and we had to sell, well, it was one of the hardest things ever! But, we had a great time fishing through his stuff & I got lots of goodies from him. Love the flower pics as my mom used to have a HUGE flower garden in the yard...hopefully I'll dream of the good times we had this evening :)

  2. the house looks awesome! so very cool and such wonderfully fond memories for you....

  3. I love old buildings! What a great house - and wonderful memories! I enjoyed the photos.

    Crafty Journal

  4. Oh don't even get me started!

    Wonderful photos, Roni--what an historic old house! Did you realize that when you lived there, or did you just think of it as home?


  5. I just love going back and remembering when....the flowers are just gorgeous... Thanks for sharing...

  6. I just love going back and remembering when....the flowers are just gorgeous... Thanks for sharing...

  7. This was a great read for me Roni! Your French Grandmother looks so much like my Mother it's amazing! I love this old house! But it does look scarey! Thanks for sharing your story/pics!

    My maternal Grandparents came from Holland. Grampa arrived at Ellis Island in 1913 and married Gramma in 1916. They were married 78 years before he passed on. Their house was similar but it was Grampa's barn that was scarey to me! But I loved going in there with him...but only him! The house & barn were huge and had narrow steep stairs!

    Thanks for stirring up the memories!!!


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