Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sad News - Blockhead Stamps - Closing/Down Sizing

I know many sectors of the economy have started to recover but the craft industry still isn't back to what it used to be.  With so many store closings and web-sites shutting down I was so sad today when I read this e-mail from Blockhead Stamps....

Starting today - Clearance Sale on Everything 35% Off
Blockheads is closing down its craft supply business after 12 years of online sales.  We will continue to carry clear envelopes, coasters and the Blockheads line of stamps in half sheets and quarter sheets.

Starting today we offer 35% off anything sitewide.  Take advantage of our need to clear out stock and stock up on anything you might need.

As with all fast and furious sales, two things to bear in mind:

1. No returns or refunds, sales are final.
2. Please pay attention to the product details link under an item where you can find out how much we have of something - we will try to keep the inventory as up to date as possible.**

** We do our best to get things off the site as they sell out but a person needs to sleep, so we will do our utmost to keep the inventory accurate - if we sell out of something before we can get it off the site, we will notify you of any problems with your order and appreciate your patience and understanding should something not be available.

Happy Shopping!


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  1. So sad to hear of another craft business closing. All of my favorite mom and pop stores have closed. :(


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