Monday, June 17, 2013

Frantic Stamper

I think I mentioned that I had pre-ordered the new Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells from Frantic Stamper when I shared some of the photos of the new paper line.
Well, I rec'd my order today and to my surprise there was a feather mega punch in the box!  At first I thought I might have hit the wrong button when I was ordering the papers but all of the paper and stamps I ordered WERE in there. 
I figured that someone packing the box must have made an error so I was about to e-mail them asking what they'd like me to do with it when I found a little slip of paper taped to the back of the paper punch package.   Here's what it said:
"Dear Customer,
Thank you for your order! We had some space/weight left over without increasing the shipping for your package so we thought you would appreciate some little freebies!!  Please enjoy these items or share with your friends.
Thank you for your support.
-The Frantic Stamper Team"
Not only that but they refunded me $3.00 extra postage!
How cool is that? 
You don't get that kind of service just anywhere so I really was very excited to share with all of you.
So, if you're in need of something crafty,
be sure and check em out....
I can say they have awesome customer service :) 


  1. I left my comment for this in the wrong post but just wanted to say that I love hearing about great customer service!


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