Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blackened Canvas - Part II

o.k., this is what the canvas looked like when we left off yesterday....

The next step is to paint the entire canvas black.  I know it sounds scary but it is a blackened canvas :)
I like to use 1 part water to 3 parts acrylic paint so it's a little bit easier to work with.  The thinner paint is much easier to get into all the nooks and crannies created by the gesso, modeling paste, tissue and whatever else you decide to throw on there.

Blackened Canvas 019
Now it's time to think about some more dimensional items. 
I just get lots of "stuff" out and start playing.  The photo is the one I'm going to add to the piece once it's finished so I put that on there to determine placement.  I used some faces I made from paper clay, a filigree piece and some old bits of jewelry I had.
You can use whatever you have on hand.  There is no right or wrong on this puppy!
Blackened Canvas 020
After I determined where I wanted everything I went ahead and glued it down using my glue gun.  You could use regular glue but I didn't want to wait.
Blackened Canvas 021
Once your pieces have been securely glued down, paint all the extras with more black paint.  I like to use a long bristle paint brush for this, it helps get into all the tight places your pieces might have.
Blackened Canvas 022
And here's how it looks so far....
Blackened Canvas 023
Once the black paint has dried, it's time to add some metallic color!  You can use paints, metallic rub-ons, Inka Gold, Guilders Paste, etc.  Pretty much anything that has a metallic sheen and can be applied with a brush or your finger goes.    I don't think I'd use metallic mists ~ that would provide more coverage than what we're going for.
This purple metallic paint from Stewart Gill fit the color scheme I was going for (purple, green & copper).  To apply paints (any type) you want to use a dry brush technique.  I painted a swatch of black on my kraft paper to test paints so I used it to brush off most of the paint leaving just a touch on the bristles.
Blackened Canvas 025
Lightly brush the remaining paint over the canvas. 
You only want to hit the high spots for the most part...this  layer is to make all of that awesome texture from the pattern tissue, facial tissue and cotton ball bits pop.
Blackened Canvas 026
Next it's time to add highlights to the gesso/modeling paste and the dimensional goodies you added to the canvas.  I used Inka Gold (purple, copper) and metallic rub-ons (green). 
Blackened Canvas 027
So here are all the goodies highlighted.
Blackened Canvas 028
Now to finish it off by adding the main image.
Blackened Canvas 029
here it is!
I love how it turned out.
I am calling it Mysterious.
Blackened Canvas 030
Here is the close up of the cotton ball bits...
Blackened Canvas 031
And this is the modeling paste face (andy skinner stencil) with the punchenella along the top and side.  This was totally unintentional but I think she looks like a ghost image of the photo.  The punchenella area is like her hair/veil and the flower jewelry piece is like the head piece she is wearing.
Blackened Canvas 032
Here is what the facial tissue texture looks like.  You can even see the tiny cross hatching from when they pressed the layers of tissue together!
Blackened Canvas 033
And finally the modeling paste corner piece.
Blackened Canvas 034
I LOVE this technique and will be making more of these.
How about you?
Care to try your hand???
If you give it a try, be sure to post a link, we'd all love to check it out.


  1. It is just absolutely gorgeous! I love how it turned out. I was afraid when you painted the mebellies black too, but man, do they pop now!

  2. Wow! This is so cool! Thank you for the tutorial too! :)

  3. Freakin' AWESOME.... this is a stunning piece. I too was sure worried when you painted everything else black too, but that is just sooo amazing with the rub ons !!!!
    Thanks for showing us :-)
    IKE xxxxxxxxxx

  4. le résultat final est bluffant ! j'avais peur avec le noir mais j'ai compris qu'il était indispensable !
    bravo, j'espère que j'oserai un jour (le matériel est là, il suffirait que je m'y mette !) merci encore pour ces explications, elles sont vitales pour nous pour qui la patouille n'est pas habituelle! amitiés de France

  5. So absolutely cool! Love the black with highlights of metallic! I love working with black and it's nice to see someone else use it. I will be pulling out the cotton balls and tissue to see what I can do with them now. :) Was disappointed we can't make silly string like the male crafter...was wondering if maybe silly string might work? If its still available that is.

  6. Roni this tutorial is amazing ! Thanks a lot for sharing your tips with us :)

  7. Wow! This turned out great! Thanks for the tutorials.

  8. Amazing finished piece. Painting it all black seems wrong somehow, to cover up all the work below, but what a great finished effect. Now where are my rub n' buff waxes.....

  9. Loved this! Gorgeous! I can't wait to try it.

  10. What a stunning piece...absolutely gorgeous! Thanx so much for sharing! :)


  11. This is an amazing piece and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it so well.

  12. Love this technique! Definitely adding it to my "must try" list.

  13. doing it now drying over night see how it looks in the morning

  14. Love it, I am defiitly going to try something similar soon.

  15. Thank you sooooo much for sharing


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