Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's Day is coming....

and here is a little guy to help get you in the mood....

vintage valentine 001

Darling isn't he?

I'll start sharing a few Valentine's day ideas with you
starting on Monday :)

Hope to see you then!


  1. I just love the old vintage valentine's... they look like the ones we had as kids. Does that mean I'm old and vintage I'll be 50 this summer so at least I dont qualify as an antique yet!! hahahaha

  2. Caroline made me chuckle, I will be 50 years young as well and I remember those cute Valentines in the box Mom used to get us and I was so excited to fill them out. This reminds me of those times....they just don't make things the same or with quality any more.
    Can't wait to see what is coming on Monday.....

  3. In dog years, I'm dead! I "turned" 68 this month and, yes, I, too, remember these valentines--not as "vintage," but the real thing! And, yes, my mother made me send one to each class member--even the ones I didn't think were very nice! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Roni!!

  4. Hi Roni,

    He's adorable. I love all the vintage cards. I found a card my dad gave my mom -- of a woman dressed to the nines pushing a vacuum cleaner. I'll have to scan it to share.


  5. The toy is so beautiful. I just loved it very much

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