Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar Questions

I've been getting several questions about some of the techniques so I thought I'd share...

Feb  Technique - Floating Stars

Most people wanted to know if there was something else they could use besides re-inkers to color the Glossy Accents. 

Yes, I gave Alcohol Inks a try but you only need one or two drops.  The AI is very concentrated ~ a tiny bit goes a long way!  If by chance you add too much, while the mix is still wet you can go in and add more GA squirted here and there to thin the color out a bit.    I gave it a try and it worked very nice.

You could also try the paint used for the plastic stained glass window pieces.  That paint drys clear which is really what is most important for this technique.  I don't have any to try but I'm sure it will work.

March Technique - Wax Paper Die-Cut Resist

You don't have to use shamrocks as I did for the example.  You can use any shape you like but if you'd like to make something along the St. Patty's Day line you can place 3-4 hearts in a semi circle to form a Shamrock or 4-Leaf Clover.  You can also add an extra little sliver of wax paper for the stem.

Embellishments -

The black glossy trim I used on February's calendar page is a border sticker I bought from Crafty Secrets.  (This is also where I bought the gold leaf vine I'm using on April's page as well).

The gold trim on March's page is Dresden Trim.  It's traditionally a gold or silver foil which is embossed and has a detailed cut which was made in Dresden Germany - hence the name.  Some people also refer to it as German Scrap which is incorrect....  German Scrap is actually the colored embossed images which are die-cut.  I'm using a few bits of German Scrap on April's calendar page. 

Dresden Trim comes in loads of different designs ~ borders, medallions, wings, stars and shapes of all kinds.  Below I've listed a few places you can find Dresden trim.... there are all sorts of prices so you'll probably want to shop around if you're looking for a particular design.


Castle in the Air

Collage Stuff

Dresden Paper Crafts


The spike-y thing I'm using to hold my pages is a vintage wire flower's a piece that people used to use to arrage flowers.  You put the frog in the bottom of your container and poke the flower stems into it.  The frog spikes would hold the flowers in place and keep the arrangement looking nice.

Hope this helps!!

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  1. I have been following along while you have been making each calendar page but have not commented. I just wanted you to know that each one is better than the one before it and they are all fab!!

    Thanks for letting us peek into your creative mind...

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