Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Technique Calendar - Info & Patterns

Hey Everyone!!!

It's time to start our technique calendar for 2012!!
This will be the third year for making a calendar to last through out the year using a variety of techniques and products. 

This year's Template...

The first year we used CD's for the foundation....
last year I used a tag shape
this year I have decided to make my calendar shape using....

There is one house template (image)  here.... Gothic Arch Home Sweet Home. 

And I have created a couple new house templates (image or PDF) below....

Image... (right click & save)


I think that should take you to the pdf file you can download....


Gothic Arch House 2 - 3

Or of course you can make and use your own house template.  As far as size, that's totally up to you.  I like to keep my calendars to approx. 4-6" tall but you can make them larger or smaller depending on your needs.  The above template was made to fit on a 5.5x8.5" piece of cardstock so you can get two per normal sized sheet of paper for a size reference.

** These bases can be pre-cut from cardstock, chipboard or recycled packaging ahead of time.   If we work with seperate cardstock for a particular technique it can be glued to the chipboard base when we're done with the technique.

Now let's talk about the actual calendar piece...

I usually use Cat's calendar template which you can find here - Cat's 2012 Mini Calendar.  It's very clear and easy to read at a distance.   This template prints 2 complete calendars on three pages - each month measures approx. 2" x 2.75".  You can of course adjust that a bit by reducing or enlarging it using your print program.

You can also find additional printable calendars here....

I'm sure there are tons more but that should get you started.

Techniques and supplies...

I am going to be trying to either use common products that you may already have in your stash or are readily available.  When I'm using something a bit more specific I'll try to give you links to places to purchase the products or alternatives to use in place of the medium/product in question.

I am going to be using a few vintage images here and there. 
Many are from my own collection but some can be found at places such as:

Free Pretty Things for You

Vintage Feedsacks

Vintage Holiday Crafts

Binding the Calendar....

Since this is an unusual shape for a calendar I think I am going to be using a single book ring and eyelets to bind and hang my calendar. I am going to use 6 "houses" ~ 2 months per house (one on front, one on back). I will use one hole/eyelet in the roof top of each "house"  so only one month is vi sable at a time.  If you don't have book rings you could also use ribbons, fiber, etc.

If you'd rather have your calendar sit on a desk you could bind the houses along one side and have them open like a book so two months are visible at once.   If you decide to go this route you will need 7 pages leaving the front of page 1 as the front cover and the back of page 7 as the back cover just like a book.

I think that's it...
If you have any questions or if I've forgotten anything jlmk...I'm happy to help whenever I can!
We'll start off with our first month/technique tomorrow....
Hope to see you then!!


  1. Looking forward to this years calender :-)

  2. This sounds fun! Are the house bases to be cut from chip board (so I can go ahead and get hose ready?)

  3. Sounds like fun and I do need a new calendar.


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