Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Brayer Techniques

I have a couple more brayer techniques I wanted to share with you to help you pull those brayers out of the drawer, dust em off and put them to work!

The first technique is one that combines dye and pigment inks on the same roller.  It's very easy but the results are way cool.

Brayer Stampings

1. Load up your brayer with a nice even layer of dye ink across the entire roller.

brayer techniques 001

2. Ink up your desired image with a contrasting pigment ink.

brayer techniques 003

3. Roll the brayer across the stamp once or twice. 

brayer techniques 004

You have now picked up the inky image on the brayer.

brayer techniques 005

4. Roll the brayer across the cardstock.

brayer techniques 007

5. Clean the roller.

6. Repeat steps 1-4 with the same or different color combos until the cardstock has been covered with ink & images.

brayer techniques 008

This is a GREAT way to make a quick color blocked stamped background paper.  This is also a super easy way to make some really fun gift wrap paper or ink up a plain gift bag.   You can make matching gift tags in the same fashion.

Quick Joseph's Coat Variation

Normally when you see a card made using Joseph's Coat Technique it's a brightly colored image with a black brayered background.  Here is a nifty variation on that technique using the scrap paper that I told you to keep yesterday!

Here is the paper that I used to clean my roller each time I changed color for the Brayered Rainbow technique.  I told you this paper would come in handy ;)

brayer techniques 014

1. Cut the paper to desired card size.

2. Stamp desired image onto the paper using clear embossing ink.

more brayer fun 002

3. Sprinkle with clear embossing powder; shake off excess and heat to melt the powders.

more brayer fun 003

4. After the image has cooled, cover the entire piece of cardstock with desired color of ink.  As I mentioned it is usually black but I like to play with other colors.  For this example I used Denim Adirondack ink. 

more brayer fun 004

5. Wipe off the excess ink on the image with a dry cloth.

And here is an example of how your image may turn out... (the flash washed the tree top out a bit but IRL it's quite vibrant).

more brayer fun 008

So there you go...a couple of fun, quick and easy techniques to help put all of those neglected brayers to work! 

Hope you all have fun playin'!


  1. That's pretty darn cool Roni! Thanks for sharing. I knew brayers were used for inking but never thought to use it this way.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your techniques will point to the
    later use, for I have been very nice with her ​​creations

  3. very cool...want to try that second one. it looks better than the plain black.

  4. You "roll" out more ideas faster than I can play with them. Love these brayer techniques and the are definitely on my "to do" list.

  5. Great Roni, I cannot keep up with your techniques, very inspiring


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