Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Questions about charms....

Several people have e-mailed or posted questions about some of the charms I've been sharing so I thought I'd answer them all in one area in case others were wondering as well....

Wire Bird Nest Charm ~

Q - What size wire did you use?

A - I used size 26 by Artistic Wire in Bronze.  I have made these charms from other sizes in the past.  I would say as long as you can slip your beads on the wire you're good to go! 

Q - Where did you get the little tag you stamped on?

A - This was a tag left over from a scrapbook project I made several years ago. (I bought them at Wal-Mart)  Other ideas for the tag would be to die-cut your own (sizzix has a great dog tag style die); look at non-crafting sites for aluminum tags...you can usually buy them in bulk far cheaper than the "craft" price!

Bottle Cap Charms

Q - Where did you find those little gears?

A - They are from old watches that I tore apart.  I didn't throw anything away when I took them apart...I have the gears and "guts" in one jar, watch faces in another, watch cases in yet another (watch later this week for a charm using these cases!!).  

I buy old watches anywhere I can find them...you can get some great "lots" on e-bay, at flea markets or second hand stores.  Sometimes you can even find them at garage or tag sales.  I'm always on the look out for things to alter :)

Q - How do you keep the Glossy Accents from running out the holes?

A - I always make a small Glossy Accents "dam" around the hole before I fill it.  I simply draw a small line around the hole and let the GA dry completely.  Then I go ahead and fill the rest of the bottle cap up.  For whatever reason the new GA usually doesn't go any further than the dam I made to begin with.  Works like a (ahem) charm ;)  LOL!!!

Q - Did you use ink jet images or laser images?  Why didn't your images fade like mine do when you used the Glossy Accents?

A - Yes, I did print my own images.  I seal them with Judikins Micro Glaze before I use them.  It creates a water proof seal that resists the GA and leaves the image looking perfect every time!  Micro Glaze also works great for images that you might use in wet technique collage or altered art projects.

NOTE: I'm so glad that so many of you have had a similar experience with your projects (the bottle cap flying around).  It's good to know I'm not alone - LOL!!

Steampunk Faux Fuse Charm

Q - What size is the hose? 

A - I measured it and it's .25" (1/4") outside diameter, the inside of the hose is 4 mm.  I'm not sure what size that is in inches. 

Q - Where did you buy the hose?

A - O.k...I hate to admit this but I had a case of pneumonia last winter and had to take breathing treatments.  It had a hose connected to the machine that delivered the meds.  I was told to throw the hose away when I was done...well, you know me ~ I can't throw something away when it *might* have a good use so I washed it out and tucked it away in my stash till now - LOL!!

You can also buy it at the hardware store... it's really cheap, just a few cents a foot.  Elaine had a good idea about using fish tank hose.   But just about any hardware, home improvement, farm store or auto parts store carries clear tubing. 

Bingo Chip, Pen Nib, Monopoly Charms -

Q - Where do you find the vintage game pieces (games) (nibs)?

A -  I usually buy them at thrift stores, second hand shops, flea markets, auctions, tag or garage sales, etc.  I always keep my eyes peeled for games or items that might be used in collage or altered art projects.

If I'm looking for something specific I also watch e-bay.  Sometimes (not always) you can find a great bargain...Remember two things....always check out how much shipping is and set a max bid price ahead of time so you don't get caught up in the moment and end up paying way more than you intend to spend. 

I think that was most of the questions...if I missed one or you have other questions, please feel free to ask.  I'm always willing to help when I can!


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