Monday, February 7, 2011

Bingo Chip Charm

As you know I love to buy old games and one of my passions is old Bingo games.  I LOVE them...the cards are great to use in collages and the wood numbered chips are just as fun to use.   There are so many variations of this game on the market, it's always fun find a new and different design. 

Bingo Chip Charm 1

Now you could drill a hole through the front of the wood chip but sometimes it's nice to leave them intact.  On those occasions you'll need to drill down from the top which can be tricky since most chips are so thin.  For that reason I like to use the same Diamond Tip Bits that I shared in the Altered Monopoly House/Hotel Charm tutorial. 

After you drill the hole you simply add an Eye Screw.

Bingo Chip Charm 2

I like to hang these charms paired with one or two other charms of varying shape/length.  


  1. Where in the world are you finding the games with the supremely cool wood pieces?

    All I can find are plastic (which can work ... but they're just not the same).

    Thanks, too, for the instructions: Absolutely fantastic idea!

  2. I guess I'll start going to goodwill more often. Love the idea.

  3. Great idea! I hold my chips (and other thinner things) with a spring clip so I don't have to have my fingers as close to the drill bit.

  4. Excellent idea Roni, and it gave me an idea for a set of charms for the swap, so thank you! Judith xx

  5. Fantastic collection of game pieces - I am never able to find such wonderful treasures - love how you have repurposed them!

  6. Hi Roni -

    Loving all your charms. And I agree with Diane, I'm going to have to start scrounging around thrift shops for old games.

    Elaine Allen


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