Friday, February 18, 2011

Just For Fun Friday ~ A Wee Bit 'O Green!

Do you realize that it's less than a month until St. Pattie's Day?!?!? 

Well it is and it's time to pull out the stops and get into the Irish Groove of it all.  I've done just that with a couple St. Pattie's Day themed cards. 

JFF 2-18-11 003

I wish I could read Gaelic (I *think* that's what this writing is) so I knew what this background stamp said.  It's so beautiful I'm just sure it's something wonderful - LOL!!

JFF 2-18-11 004

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  1. Hi Roni -

    These cards are beautiful. Really love how you set off the Claddagh design. And you are right, the old script stamp with Gaelic script is beautiful. I really love your addition of the Thistle in the small circle. Gorgeous card.

    Elaine Allen

  2. pretty cards! I can't read Gaelic either but it sure is pretty!

  3. Love the Cards!!! I can't believe we are almost into March already...crazy how time goes so quickly anymore....Love the Gaelic too...Thanks for sharing....

  4. Beautiful cards - I cannot believe it's almost March already.

  5. Wow, almost St Patties! Your cards are lovely.
    Jo xx

  6. I'm not Irish but I love the look of the old language. It's so romantic looking! Thanks for sharing some lovely cards today!


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