Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charm Swap - Time to Mail & More Arriving!

This message is for all of you Altered Charm Swappers out there...

If you haven't already done so it's time to get those charms in the mail :) 

A few people have let me know their charms are in the mail...I will let you know as soon as they arrive!  I don't mind waiting for charms past the deadline as long as I know they are coming.  So if you have or are mailing them soon, please let me know!

I have rec'd 3 more packages today...

Neil ~ Way cool charms ~ love the addition of the measuring tape!  I've never seen metal leaves that large before here in the US.  Looks like you've got some neat goodies to play with over there.  Thanks for the beautiful card too :)

Julie O ~ Lovely little birds!!  So dainty and cute!  Who makes that stamp?  Is that Red Lead Paper Works? 

Carolyn ~ All three sets are wonderful but I have to say that shell charm is my fav!  What a great idea.  We don't have any shells around here so I never thought to give that a try.  Are they shells you collected? 

Not long now friends!!!


  1. Roni,
    Yes these are broken clam shells collected while walking the dog. I love the broken and worn shell the best - just like people- they have the most character! Glad they arrived safely and thank you again for hosting such a fab swap.

  2. Hi there, glad to hear they arrived ok! Leaves are actually from necklaces that must have been popular a while back as I collect the from bootfairs (Yard sales over there I think they are called?) Getting excited to see what is swapped!

  3. Roni,
    My charms are on the way!!
    of course, I procrastinated on getting them out, but they are one the way.

    I'm getting excited to see what I receive. Thanks so much for doing this and this is also my first ever swap! :)

  4. hey Ronie, can you tell me where you got the pin the charms go on that you showed here on your site. I wanted to join the swap but missed it . I thought I might make some charms for myself. I love some of the ideas i have seen

  5. Yes, those are Red Lead stamps. I think they may have retired the bird one. I love those art sisters! the lace stamp on the back is a Hero Arts doily stamp. I'm glad the charms got to your house ok.

  6. My charms are on the way. I packaged them yesterday but the post office was closed. Can't wait.


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