Monday, January 31, 2011

Wire Birds Nest Charm

As promised I am going to be sharing a few different charm techniques to give you ideas to use for the upcoming altered charm swap :)

Today I wanted to share a charm that is very popular.  Of course there are many ways to go about making these charms...this is my own version that works for me.

wire bird nest charm 1


36" Wire ~ gauge size can vary.  Larger wires will make larger nests, smaller diameter wire will make smaller nests.
3 Beads (I like fresh water pearls)
Wire Working Tools
Other Embellishments (optional)


1. Cut a piece of wire 36".

2. Thread on the three beads and slide them down about 3".  This will be what we use to create a hanger later on.

wire bird nest charm 2

3. Twist the beads so they form a circle.

wire bird nest charm 3

4. Wrap the wire around the beads three times so you have three wire circles around the beads as shown.

wire bird nest charm 4

5. Now take your wire and wrap it around all three circles and the wire that the beads are on.  (you can wrap it more than once but it's not necessary)  Give your nest a 1/2 turn and wrap the wires on the opposite side of the first loop. 

wire bird nest charm 5

6. Wrap the wire around the nest three more times.  You can wrap the wire as you did the first for a "clean" looking nest...a very smooth and polished look.  OR  This is where I like to add a bit of texture to the nest.  I like to twist the wire here and there as I make my 3 additional circles.   It just gives the nest a more "lived in" look.

7. Wrap the wire around all 6 wires in 3 places around the nest. You should now have 2 wire tails. 

wire bird nest charm 6

8. Make a small loop in one of the tails and wrap the wire back around it's self as shown.

wire bird nest charm 7

9. Repeat step 8 with the second tail.

wire bird nest charm 8

I thought it would be fun to add a bit more to the nest so I wanted a word tag to attach to the nest.  It is originally a very bright aluminum ...

metal charm tag 2

So I aged it a bit with a touch of gesso and finished it off with Acrylic Dabbers. 

metal charm tag

I finished if off by stamping "fly" with Archival Ink.

wire bird nest charm 8

I attached this tag, a small bird charm and a little gemstone to the nest and here is how it turned out!

wire bird nest charm 8

Fun huh?

And it's so very easy too!


  1. Hi Roni -

    I've made these nests before but have never attached the bird or word tag. I love how this turned out!

    Elaine Allen

  2. I like your own little twist to the birds nest charm. I have one that I received in a charm swap over on ATCsforAll.

  3. This is definitely a great version of the bird nest charm...thanks so much for the tutorial!

  4. I love your bird nest. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. I love this- thatnks for the great tutorial- I have got to try this! I love visiting here- so much fun inspiration!

  6. Wow that is just beautiful, thank you for the great inspiration you continue to give us.. Crafty Hugs Tina

  7. Oh this is adorable and looks very doable. I gotta find some pearls and wire and time!

  8. Great project Roni! I too love the extras you added to your charm. It really makes the already wonderful charm even more wonderful!

  9. luv ! sweet results! cher

  10. Thanks so much for sharing! I was afraid to try this, but your instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

  11. Once again...a stunning result! Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Thanks for the tutorial, I particularly love the little tag, it's really sweet. The whole charm is fabulous, Judith xx

  13. Thanks Roni for sharing this I have wanted to know how to make them for ages. now to find some beads so I can have a play.
    I am so tempted to join the swap but time might get in my way.

  14. I have made one necklace that has a nest of pearls and I love it! This is great tutorial.

  15. Fabulous! I LOVE it! Have to gather up the materials and try it out myself!

  16. A real beauty! Thanks for the looks easy enough!!


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