Saturday, October 3, 2009

WCD Card Sketch 4, 5, 6 -n- More!

I had planned on sharing a few more challenges with you but since it's raining here dh and the boys have been on the computer all afternoon.

BUT I do have a few more card sketches to share with you!

Card Sketches 003

WCD 002

Card Sketches 005

WCD 003

Card Sketches 006

Mom created this card from the above sketch....with a twist! She turned it on it's side :) There will be a bingo marker in the bottom corner with the person's age.

WCD 004

She also created this card today...

WCD 006

She made a few more but didn't want me to take pics of them so to teach her a lesson (tee hee hee) I'm going to post her pic instead - LOL!! (you know she's going to kick my butt when she sees this!)


WCD 001

I hope you all had a great day today.

Mom came over and we each created several cards and had lots of fun.

Remember to post a link to your WCD creations to be entered to win a goodie bag of fun card making supplies. No worries if you couldn't make a card today ~ just post a comment on any of the WCD threads and you'll still be entered to win. You have until 10-7 to post!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!


  1. Love the photo of your Mom, looks like when my daughter & I craft together - everything everywhere. We have a lot of fun too! And I love your Mom's cards, she should be proud to post them.

  2. I love the card with the acme stamp by your mother. And I think it's great to craft with one's mother.

  3. you and your mom look so much alike... how nice

  4. Thanks guys...Mom told me no more pics though ~ she said her hair wasn't even combed - LOL!! She did however read your sweet comments and said thanks :)

  5. Your Mom's cards are awesome and I'm so envious of the two of you making cards together!! Hi there Dixie!! (waving my hand and jumping up and down!)


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