Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lacey Vellum

Today's technique is for everyone out there trying to figure out new ways to incorporate vellum into their art work. It's a common question ~ what else can we do with vellum?

Well today I'll show you how to create a Lacey look vellum!

Lacey Vellum

Lace Look Vellum 002

It's very simple, all you need are a few bold stamps (the thicker the lines the better!), dye ink and vellum!


1. Swipe the ink pad direct to paper across the vellum. When you're handling the vellum you need to be sure not to touch it too much. The oil from your hands will act as a resist with the ink and you'll end up with nice fingerprints all over your project.

Lace Look Vellum 003

2. Next, press an un-inked rubber stamp into the wet ink. No need to hurry...the ink will take an extremely long time to dry naturally on vellum.

Lace Look Vellum 005

The stamp will remove the ink from this particular area....

Lace Look Vellum 006

Lace Look Vellum 007

Lace Look Vellum 009

3. It is extremely important to stamp off the excess ink each time you pick up ink off the vellum. This prevents a build up of ink to give nice clean impressions each time.

Lace Look Vellum 008

4. Use a heat tool to speed drying or let the ink dry overnight. NOTE - when you dry the vellum with a heat tool you will notice smoke coming from the vellum/ink. I have no clue what causes this but it doesn't smell or catch on fire...I kept heating/drying the ink without any problems.

Lace Look Vellum 011

And here you go ~ I placed the dried vellum on white cardstock and you can see the pattern very well! It even works with lighter color inks as you will notice in the 2nd photo.

Lace Look Vellum 012

Lace Look Vellum 015

So there you go ~ a very cool way to incorporate vellum into your projects.

Tomorrow I'll share a few projects I created using this technique...

till then ~ ink on my friends!


  1. Awesome technique Roni! I know we all have packs of plain vellum in our stash...and it's probably been sitting there unused for months, if not years! This is a cool way to change out the look and make it look dramatic!

  2. What a fun idea...I have a stash of vellum because I hate it. lol I never know what to do with it. Thanks for another neat idea to try.

  3. Very cool! Can't wait to see what you make with it. I too have a stash, not because I hate it, just that I don't know what to do with it either!

  4. Thank you for sharing ! Cool idea!
    hugs Susi


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