Monday, October 12, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Glass Candle Holders

Well from the looks of the survey so far many people seem to want more collage/altered art projects.

So that's just what I've got for you today!

This is not only an inky altered art project but it's also GREEN in the recycling sense of the word. There are only 4 basic ingredients for these nifty little Halloween - pumpkin candle holders....

Pumpkin Jars 001

*Glass Jars (in various shapes and sizes) ~ these can be baby food jars, mayonnaise jars, pickle jars, Prima flower bottles, etc. If you want to use it as a candle though you'll have to make sure the opening is large enough to accommodate a tea light or small candle.

*Raffia, twine, ribbon or fibers ~ green (in color)

*Alcohol Inks - Caramel, Rust & Terra Cotta

*Black Diamond Stickles Glitter Glue


1. Wash & rinse the glass jars ~ let them dry completely.

2. Squirt or shake the alcohol inks into the jar one color at a time.

Pumpkin Jars 002

3. Roll the jar around coating the entire inside of the jar. I noticed that the time it took for the alcohol inks to dry varied depending on the size of jar opening. I ended up blowing into the smaller jar to help it dry a bit quicker but I can't really recommend get a LOT of alcohol fumes comin' back at you. Just be warned if you're sensitive to certain smells.

Pumpkin Jars 003

Pumpkin Jars 004

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you're satisfied with the colors...

Pumpkin Jars 006

5. Cradle the jar in a towel so it doesn't move. Draw on your jack-o-lantern face using the Black Diamond Stickles.

Pumpkin Jars 007

6. Add a bit of fiber, ribbon, raffia, etc. Insert candle or tea light and you're set to go!

Pumpkin Jars 008

Now you've got a neat little center piece, hostess gift or just a fun candle set for your home!!

Nifty huh?

These little devils are so inexpensive to make you could even create a whole row of fun little pumpkin candles to line your front walk or porch in time for those little trick or treating ghouls and boys.


  1. I love them and will have to make some!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Roni--these are adorable!! How do you come up with all your stuff?

  3. Very cute... TFS !... silly question but the alcohol inks, once dry, I guess aren't flamable??? just wondering... I really want to make some of these...

  4. Really cool projects again Roni!

    A word of a warning about self made candle holders though - when using jars that shrink towards the opening, you can actually have combustion ignition at the opening because the fire gasses get congested there, especially with the thread you've used here. So careful with them, never leave them unattended!

  5. That is soooooo cute! I love the country look and you really captured it!
    Great job!
    Pattyjo :+)

  6. oh lordy roni aren't those too stinkin cute!! h ee heee - i knew i had been saving those baby food jars for something........

  7. So cute! For safety, use a battery powered tea light.

  8. me again - i made some too!!! come check 'em out!!
    you have to scroll down a bit - they are part of a gift set...

  9. We were quite cautious with how we decorated our recycled glass candle containers for last year's Halloween. We didn't want to use decorating stuff like glue and paint because we didn't want to have a hard time removing them after the season. We just resorted to taping paper cutouts to the candle holders, which achieved an equally satisfying effect. It was also easier to do for our kids.


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