Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Basic Color Blocking Technique

Today's technique is the Basic Color Blocking Technique...

Why basic you might ask? Well, I've thought of a few new twists to the technique so I thought I'd start with the basic foundation and go from there :)

Basic Color Blocking 001



Ink Blending Tool

Distress Ink

Eclipse Masking Paper or scrap paper

Rubber Stamps


1. Cut a strip of masking paper and place it on a diagonal on your cardstock. You can use scrap paper and hold it in place during the following steps.

2. Using the Ink Blending Tool apply one or more colors of ink towards the outside edge of the mask. Apply as little or as much ink as desired. I have filled the entire area because I like the look...some people choose to use just a small strip of color along the mask.

Basic Color Blocking 002

3. Repeat step number 2 until all edges have been inked. You could ink the 4 corners evenly, or maybe you'd like a more random pattern. Whatever your heart desires!

Basic Color Blocking 003

This is one example of a basic design...

Basic Color Blocking 004

4. (optional) I find the crisp edges are a bit too "clean" for me so I like to take my mask paper and flip it around. I then add a bit of Distress Ink to the inside edges to soften the effect a bit...

Basic Color Blocking 005

You'll notice the dark line on the left side...that was a wrinkle in the paper. No worries though ~ it will be covered in later steps but it also adds a bit of character ;)

Basic Color Blocking 006

5. Now take the masking paper and place it along the edge of one of the color blocked areas. Stamp desired image(s) on the colored edge. Repeat covering all inked areas.

Basic Color Blocking 007

Note: you don't have to use the same stamp in each of the color blocked areas...you can use as many as you like!

Basic Color Blocking 008

6. Time to stamp the central image... Some people prefer to stamp this image before you begin color blocking but I find that sometimes my main image ends up off center and makes the entire card look lopsided. That's why I save it till the end ;)

Cover all of the color blocked sections using pieces of scrap paper or masking paper. (you can save used pieces of masking paper for multiple uses!!)

Basic Color Blocking 009

7. Stamp the main image in the exposed center area. And you're done!! You're ready to finish off your card :)

Basic Color Blocking 010

Pretty cool huh?

I'm sure you can find a variety of cards on the net using this technique if you'd like more ideas on how you can vary the pattern of the masks.

Remember though ~ it's all personal preference...you can vary patterns, colors, intensities, images, etc.

It's a great way to express your personality!


  1. Oh, I love this Roni! I've done some masking, but only of individual items. Love the color blocking with the overstamping!

  2. Very nice! I have cigar boxes to cover for gifts and I think this technique will work super! Thanks for sharing. Lynda

  3. So simple, yet so cool! Thanks for sharing/inspiring!


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