Thursday, October 29, 2009

ATC Swap Cards

Hi Guys!

Well I had planned on having a Halloween card & Gothic Arch to share with you today but I accidentally discovered a new Alcohol Ink technique that I am SOOOOOOO excited about!!! It is very unique and I've never seen anything like it so I'm pretty sure it's new to everyone. Do you ever get soooooo excited that everything else flies out of your mind and it's all you can think about??? Well, that's where I am tonite! I tried and tried to come up with good ideas for the card/arch but I just kept drawing a blank so I finally gave up.

I'm going to be sharing the new AI technique with you all tomorrow because I want to make a video of it so I don't want to spoil it by sharing anything tonite ;)

So, I just rec'd an ATC swap back and I thought I'd share those with you since my mojo is stuck in the Alcohol Ink zone - LOL!!

Here you go....


Artist: Karen L
Hostess ~thanks Karen!!!

ATC swap 0909 001

Artist: Jeannie L

ATC swap 0909 002

Artists: Rachel & Laura K

ATC swap 0909 003

Artist: Phinny
(Hey Phinny!!)

ATC swap 0909 004

Artist: Ann R.
(this is material, fiber & gemstones)

ATC swap 0909 005

Artist: (Dixie - a.k.a. Mom)

ATC swap 0909 006

Gotta love a mail day like that huh?

Be sure to check in tomorrow and see my new AI technique!! I can't wait to share it with you!


  1. What wonderful mail indeed. I would have to say that bathroom door quote is a hoot.

  2. Hey! I just saw these on the blog, what fun! My computer has been on the internet....for over a week! So glad to be back and checking out your blog again!


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