Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Altered Chipboard Bracelet #2

Before I get to today's technique for altering these chipboard bracelet blanks I wanted to share a couple pics of yesterday's bracelet since it's dry!

chipboard bracelet 2 010

chipboard bracelet 2 012

Now let's get to today's bracelet...

Ribbons & Beads Altered Chipboard Bracelet


1. This bracelet builds off the painted technique from yesterday. Initially I painted the entire bracelet black and decided on a ribbon I wanted to use...

chipboard bracelet 2 001

2. Adhere the ribbon to the inside of the bracelet using your favorite liquid adhesive. I like to use Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue. It's super for things like this because you don't have to wait forever to move on.

chipboard bracelet 2 003

3. Wrap the ribbon around the painted bracelet leaving about 1/8" gap in between the strips of ribbon as shown.

chipboard bracelet 2 005

4. When you get back to where you started, add another small dab of glue and let dry.

chipboard bracelet 2 006

5. While your ribbon is drying, thread several beads onto a length of wire. Now you could get fancy and figure out an exact repeated pattern but I like a more random look. Either way it works fine.

chipboard bracelet 2 007

6. Adhere one end of the wire on the inside of the bracelet using a piece of scotch tape to temporarily hold it in place. Begin wrapping the wire in the spaces between the ribbon.

When you are wrapping the wire, leave 3+ beads on top side of the bracelet. Don't leave any beads on the inside area of the bracelet.

chipboard bracelet 2 008

7. Continue wrapping the wire/beads until you reach the spot where you started. Prop the bracelet up and cover both ends of the wire with more adhesive and let dry...

chipboard bracelet 2 009

You now have a snazzy ribbon & beaded altered chipboard bracelet!!

Way cool, very inexpensive and pretty quick to boot!!

Remember you can use any ribbon and beads you might have in your stash...it's perfect for using up all those bits and pieces you have left over from other projects!

Tomorrow I'm taking a break from the bracelets and I want to share a fun mini luminaries for Halloween!
See you then!!


  1. That's perfect for these make do and mend times :-)

  2. THose are really neat! Do you think clay would adhere to the chipboard and could you bake it?

  3. Thanks :)

    I don't use polymer clay often but from the research I've done you can wrap the chipboard in clay and bake it no problem.

    If you cover the entire bracelet blank or encase it there are no worries about it coming off. If you only apply it to the outside of the bracelet blank it is recommended that you glue it to the chipboard AFTER baking.

    HTH :)


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